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O&O AutoBackup: Automatically Backup Files To USB Drive When Plugged In

O&O AutoBackup is an application to automatically synchronize files and folders from a source folder to a removable media device such as a USB or external hard drive. For example, you can create a backup copy of your important office documents, so that they are automatically saved to a USB when changes are made to them. The data copying process immediately starts after you connect the removable device, and updates made to the original data are synced periodically. This enables creating backup copies of data on external media devices, so that you can keep the data available in portable format for later use.

Using O&O AutoBackup is easy; just select and add source files and folders and specify the external media device, to which data is to be backed up. Once done, select an action, (copy all source data in a directory on the destination drive, copy all modified and new source data or perform synchronization), click Save, followed by the Execute button. If the plugged in removable device does not appear in the list, click Refresh to reload the device list. The first transfer option is meant for complete data transfer, whereas the second method copies all modified and source data (without deletion), to the destination folder. In case you would like to completely overwrite data in the destination device, select the third option.

O&O AutoBackup

O&O AutoBackup requires a free registration key that needs to be entered within 30 days, and you can request the key from the developer’s website. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download O&O AutoBackup

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  1. You can also do that with PrettyFlow. You have a insert drive trigger which can trigger your backup PrettyFlow project. It can also ask and a lot more.

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