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Pack Large Files With Blazing Fast Speed With Unimodz File Packer

Many files that are capable of changing Windows registry or other sensitive sections of Windows can be labeled as virus or malware by antivirus programs, and will instantly get deleted (without asking for permission). While this does offer protection on one side, it can end up removing some important files that have been mistaken as malware. Many a times adding a folder or file to exception in an antivirus program does not ensure that it will not be removed (e.g. when you shift a file from one folder to another). The best way to protect these files and to retain them is to pack them. But packing a large file can be quite time consuming and laborious. Very large files take an awful amount of time to get zipped. In such a case it is better to pack a file instead of compressing it, but this option is often not available in common compression software.

Unimodz File Packer is a portable file packing application that can zip heavy files quickly. It can reach speed of over 2 GB per second . The only downside is that it does not compress files. However, it can be handy in protecting heavy files that are likely to get very little compression from a compression utility. For UPF to pack a 3 GB file it takes 1 and a half minutes. You can also use Unimodz File Packer to encrypt your files to protect them and unpack them (when required) instantly. It also provides file splitting and joining option. So when you need to pack large files quickly, UPF is the right tool for you.

To pack, unpack, split, join file(s), choose an option and click Launch.

Unimodz File packer CP

This will open a new window from where you can Add file(s) for packing. Once the required files are added, click Pack Files.

Add File

You will be prompted to select a directory to save the zipped file. Select the destination folder to initiate the packing process. All files are saved in UPF format.

Save As

Before the files are zipped, you will get a prompt explaining that UPF may appear frozen during the packing process as this is a normal attribute of this application.

Application May Get Frozen

After that, your selected files will be zipped at your selected directory. To unpack the file anytime, launch UPF, select the unpacking option, followed by the zipped file and click Unpack.


It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Unimodz File Packer

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