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Pandora Windows Brings Pandora Online Radio Streaming To Windows 8

The name Pandora needs no introduction in the world of online radio. We all love listening to music and Pandora has been providing us with quick access to our favorite music for quite a while now. If you have recently switched to Windows 8 and are looking for a way to access Pandora radio in a Modern UI environment, then Pandora Windows is probably your best bet. The application is designed to let you sign in to your Pandora account and synchronize your radio stations with the app’s playlist. It boasts an elegant interface, ease of use and fast streaming, lets you add radio stations to your library and stream music via the integrated media player. You can add stations by Artist, Song, Genre and Album, quite similar to how the Pandora web interface itself works.

The application is available at Windows Store for free. To download it, head over to Windows Store and hit Win + Q on your keyboard to bring up Search charms bar. Now, type in Pandora Windows in the search bar and hit enter. Select the app from the main window to open its in-Store page. Clicking Install will begin the download process.

Pandore Windows_Store

After installation, the app will be pinned to the Start Screen. Upon launch, you are presented with a interface that holds a Sign In box to the upper left. Since you need to log in to the service to access your stations, input your Email and Password and click or tap the Sign In button. If you don’t have an account, click Create one now!

Pandora Windows_Sign In

The main screen displays all the added radio stations as tiles. If you have created a new account, this screen will be empty, and you will be required to add the radio stations manually. All you need is to input the radio name in the search field and press enter. As stated earlier, Pandora Windows allows you to search the radio stations by artist, album, genre and song. When the results appear on the screen, simply click your desired radio to add it to the list.

Pandora Windows

Right clicking anywhere on the screen brings up the options bar at the bottom. This bar lets you Pin the station directly to the Start Screen. You simply need to right click the tile, input the Tile name and click Pin to Start. You can click Refresh to refresh the list of stations from here.

Pandora Windows_Pin

Clicking a tile on the main screen plays the track from the selected artist or album. The playback section displays the Channel title at the top, as well as Artist and Album name, along with the current track. It also allows you to skip to the proceeding track by clicking Next. In addition, a mini biography about the artist pops up right next to track history list. The like and unlike buttons lets you rate the music. Lastly, the application enables you to share the current track with your friends either by mail or other social media apps you may have installed. To do this, simply click Share from the Charms Bar.

Pandora Windows_Share

Pandora Windows works only on Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 8, 64-bit edition.

Update: It seems that the app has been renamed to PRadio. So we have updated the download link with the correct URL and it now takes you to the newer version.

Download PRadio


  1. FYI, this doesn’t appear to be an “official” Pandora application. This was developed by a company called SplashTetra.

  2. So I was looking for a Pandora app since I just installed Windows 8. I searched the store for “Pandora Windows” and got… bupkis.

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