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Record Skype Audio Conversations In Windows With Phrozen Skype REC

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the most convenient way of staying in touch with your friends, family and business associates. Skype is a widely used VoIP supported application that is free, easy to use and works on almost all major platforms. However, one feature that is still missing in this otherwise great software, is a call recording option. Obviously, the feature has been left out due to privacy reasons, but it does have its advantages. For instance, it can prove to be particularly useful to keep a record of business meetings over Skype. If you are looking for a way to record Skype conversations for any reason, then look no further than Phrozen Skype REC. The application is capable of recording a Skype audio stream and save it in a defined directory in WAV format. When loaded, it works silently in the background without disrupting your workflow.

The download ZIP file contains both portable executable and setup package files. So how does it work? First off, sign in to your Skype account and then launch Phrozen Skype REC. It will send a permission request to the Skype API for recording audio calls. All you need to do is to click the Allow access button.

Phrozen Skype REC_Allow Access

The interface of the application houses Refresh, Browse, Delete and Open buttons at the top. There are no recording controls available on the interface, which means that it automatically starts recording your calls as soon as you launch it. The only way to stop the recording is to close the application or hang up the call. The app lists down all the recorded conversations with information including record date (When), user (Partner Handle), Size and File Location. You can open the source location, refresh the list and delete the selected recordings from within the interface, using the respective buttons at the top.

Phrozen Skype [REC •]

Should you need to change the default directory of saved conversations files, click Settings on the main window. The Program Settings allows you to define a custom folder, as well as enables you to toggle the application’s auto start with Windows logon behavior.

Phrozen Skype REC_Settings

In a nutshell, Phrozen Skype REC is an easy solution to record audio calls. And I hope the developer will try to implement the video recording feature in future versions as well. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 64-bit.

Download Phrozen Skype REC

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