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Pomodo7o Shows Remaining Work Time Using Windows 7 Taskbar Progress

Pomodoro is a productivity enhancement technique, which is meant to help you focus on completing tasks within a set time frame. Assuming “time is money”, what better way to utilize this asset then to use the Pomodoro application. Yesterday, we covered Tomighty, which sets a timer to help you complete a task within a set period of time, by informing about the remaining time allocated for a specific task. This time we have another Pomodoro application called Pomodo7o, which plays a different kind of psychological game to help you keep an eye on the valuable time remaining for task completion. This open source app displays the remaining time in the form of a green progress bar which is displayed in Windows 7 taskbar when Pomodo7o is minimized.

Once this portable application is launched, it starts the timer which is set to 25 minutes by default.


As time progresses, the green bar indicates the remaining time for the completion of your task.


You can pause the application anytime, by clicking on the Tomato icon. This results in the serene Tomato icon turning into a worried one. Hence, informing you of the repercussions of taking such a break. The timer can be reset from the Reset button.

Take A Break

Interestingly, when there is little time left, the progress bar turn yellow and eventually red, to inform you of the need of urgency for the completion of your task. You can also run multiple Pomodoros, simultaneously when you are multi-tasking.

Progress Bar

Pomodo7o works only on Windows 7.

Download Pomodo7o


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