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Power Playlist – Enhance Windows 7 Media Center

We hear about various Windows 7 features but forget the most core entertainment feature – Windows 7 Media Center. Just like other features has been enhanced, Media Center has also gotten a fair share of upgrade. But this post is not about what’s new in Windows 7 Media Center, rather it is about a 3rd party plugin called PowerPlaylist.

PowerPlaylist adds a strip in the start menu of Windows Media Center which adds five different tiles. These tiles represent audio, slideshow, and/or virtualization combination and according to the developer they are highly customizable. In order of appearance, they are – Audio only, Slideshow only, Audio+Slideshow, Audio+Visualization, Audio+Slideshow+Visualization.

power playlist windows 7 media center

Here is how the Audio+Visualization looks like. Note that I have selected bars and you can change the visualization by hitting the Ctrl -/+ hotkey.

windows 7 media center visualization

Download PowerPlaylist

Apart from Windows 7 Media Center, it also works with Windows Vista Media Center. Enjoy!

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