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Powershell Glass – Transparent Windows Powershell In Windows 7/Vista

Remember Glass Notepad, a transparent notepad for Windows 7 and Vista. One of the latest app to come out is Powershell Glass, which adds transparent effect to Windows Powershell. According to the developer, this app was inspired by another similar app called Glass CMD, which adds transparent aero effect to Command Prompt.

You just run the executable file and it will sit silently in the system tray. Since it has been programmed to only make Powershell windows transparent, it won’t touch anything else in your system.

transparent windows powershell

Download Powershell Glass

The author tested in on Windows 7 x64 and said that it would work on Windows Vista as well. I gave it a try on Vista Ultimate and it worked great. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. Enjoy!


  1. This is looking pretty hot on a screen cast from CSS Tricks, but when I run it in Windows 8, the box just goes white, with no transparency. If I highlight, I can read the text, but otherwise, everything is opaque and white. Is this nor compatible with Windows 8?

  2. nice one!! well done!
    one small question.. when i hit the maximize button the it stops being transparent..
    when hit it again to restore.. is transparent again.
    ..is there anyway to keep it transparent while in maximized view??

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