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How To Prevent Sleep On Windows 10

Sleep is a low operating state that your system can enter when you aren’t using it. You can put your system to sleep from the power menu, or you can set when it will go to sleep if you’ve been inactive for a while from the power plan. If your system is compulsively going to sleep, whether it’s a bug or something else, and you need to force it to stay awake you can use a free app called Caffeine to prevent sleep on Windows 10.

Prevent Sleep On Windows 10

Download Caffeine and run it. It doesn’t need to be installed, and it doesn’t need administrative permission to run. The app will add a coffee pot icon to the system tray to indicate that it is running.

By default, Caffeine runs indefinitely and it will block the sleep timer that you’ve set for inactivity for the current power plan. If you need to prevent your system from sleeping but don’t want to edit your power plan for that short amount of time, this app is the way to go.

If you need to prevent your system from sleeping for a short time e.g., an hour or two, you can customize how long Caffeine should keep it awake.

Right-click the coffee pot icon in the system tray and select Awake for from the context menu. Select how long you want to keep your system awake before it’s put to sleep as per the system settings. You can also deactivate Caffeine for a few hours by going to the Inactive for option in the context menu.

Caffeine is light-weight and useful for when you’re running an app/process that takes a long time to complete but is unable to prevent the system from sleeping while it’s still working.

For example, if you use a download manager app, or your browser to download something, the apps will prevent your system from going to sleep. This isn’t a feature that’s common in apps so anything that’s running a process that takes a long time to complete may be interrupted by your system  going to sleep. In such a case, Caffeine is a good way to keep your system awake.

You may not run this app all the time unless you have a bug that constantly puts your system to sleep but it’s a good app to have on hand for when you do need to prevent sleep or delay it for a while without changing the power plan. There’s a similar app available for macOS also called Caffeine that can prevent sleep.

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