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PwrDrain Shows Laptop Battery Power Drainage In Real Time

PwrDrain is a windows gadget which is quite different from common power meters. Unlike normal power meters, it displays the current power drainage in real time. This allows identifying those applications which may drain more batter power from your laptop. When you start using a power intensive application or process, you are alerted when an increase in power consumption is detected.

Power Drain

Like common sidebar gadgets, you can drag it around and place it in a convenient place on the desktop. This open source gadget is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is delivered without a binary code. It obtains readings through WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), which provides performance monitoring information. PwrDrain uses the values provided by WMI by using ACPI (Advanced Configuration & Power Interface) to deliver accurate results. So if you are having problem finding out the cause for frequent power drainage of your laptop battery, then try this gadget and find out why your battery is suffering from power drainage.

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