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Quickly Send VoiceMail Using JDVoiceMail In Windows 7

Do you find it boring to type long emails, just like me? Now give JDVoiceMail a try. It is a free tool which lets you send voice messages to anyone’s email addresses. It records your voice message in the compressed .wav or.mp3 format and send as an attachment in the email. It is a very light-weight and easy-to-use tool, and best of all there is no special software needed on the end of receiver to listen to your message, he/she can simply listen to it in Window Media Player or any other audio player.

It has very user-friendly interface, you can launch it and start recording your voice message by clicking the Rec button. Once you are done with the message, click the Stop to complete the recording. You can listen your recorded message by clicking the Play button.


Now, its very easy to send it as an email, you even don’t need to open your email client software. Just click the Send button and it will open your default email client software itself and you will see your recorded file attached in a new message. You simply need to type the email address of receiver and hit the Enter.


Thats all, now you can send voice message to anyone who has an email address.

Download JDVoiceMail

It works on all Windows operating system, but since the developer did not test it on Windows 7 yet, we gave it a try and it worked seamlessly without any problems. Enjoy!

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