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QwikMark – Test CPU Speed & FLOPS, RAM And Disk Transfer Rate

Benchmarking tools help user in testing several internal and external peripherals of computer system. Finding one complete benchmark tool which can test all the hardware and software specific capacities is a bit difficult, as many benchmark tools come with a different set of tests and configurations. As far as system testing is concerned, you must not be worried about more than 3 computing abilities, which are, CPU speed, memory, and data transfer rate. QwikMark is developed to test these basic computer abilities. It enables you to check CPU speed, CPU Flops, Memory bandwidth and Disk transfer rate while showing information on CPU, Main memory, and GPU memory under one window.

There isn’t much to talk about QwikMark, suffice to say that it can show basic system details with an option to measure CPU, memory and disk performance. Just launch the application to get information about the CPU family, type, speed, cores, installed RAM, current OS version, etc. Underneath it, there are some performance test listed that you can conduct separately. However, you can test all the functions in one go by clicking Run All Tests.

To start a separate test, click Run button which is present next to each benchmark testing option, including, CPU Speed, CPU Flops, Mem Bandwidth, and Disk Transfer. For Disk Transfer test, you have option to choose the disk that is to tested for checking transfer rate. The results are shown in the output field adjacent to each benchmark option.

QwikMark 0.4

We reckon that data transfer test of large disks must be conducted in the end, as it might take much of your time. It works on Windows, XP, Windows Vista, and Window 7.

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