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How To Remove Microsoft Office Upload Center Icon In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes pre-installed with OneDrive. If you happen to install the Office productivity suite on your system, you will notice that OneDrive appears as one of the places you can save your documents to. This appears to be the only way OneDrive is integrated with Office but that’s not the case. You might notice that whenever you have an MS Office file open, the Microsoft Office Upload Center icon appears in the system tray. This happens regardless if you’re uploading a file or not. Here’s how to remove Microsoft Office Upload Center from the system tray.

Remove Microsoft Office Upload Center

Although Microsoft Office Upload Center comes with the Office suite, OneDrive makes use of it as well. If the Microsoft Office Upload Center appears every time you open an Office file, it’s because of OneDrive. To fix the problem, open OneDrive’s settings.

Go to the Office tab, and uncheck the ‘Use Office 2016 to sync files that I open’. That ought to fix the problem.

Hide Microsoft Office Upload Center

If you only care about removing the Microsoft Office Upload Center icon but want the app to remain active, it’s pretty easy. Right-click the Microsoft Office Upload Center icon in the system tray and in the window that opens. select Settings.

Under Display Options, look for and uncheck the ‘Display icon in notification area’ option. Microsoft Office Upload Center will continue to work whenever it needs to but you won’t see the icon in the system tray.

Be warned that if you plan on using Microsoft Office Upload Center with or without OneDrive, hiding the icon from the system tray might cause problems. For example, a file might be uploading and you might shut down your system assuming it successfully uploaded. The icon serves to indicate when an upload is in progress or when it’s been paused. If it bothers you but you plan on using the app anyway, just hide the icon under the overflow fold.

Microsoft Office Upload Center is installed with the Office Suite. If you remove OneDrive the upload center will still run on your system but you will see less of it. The only way to uninstall it is to remove MS Office from your system as well which isn’t a viable solution. Turning off the sync option in OneDrive will keep it from popping up again though. Unless you explicitly use it to upload files, it won’t run in the background nor make an appearance in the system tray,


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