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Repair/Fix Windows 7 Black Screen

The latest security updates from Microsoft are causing Some malwares can cause black screen to appear after the Windows boot up. This problem has not effected everyone, it is occurring for some Windows 7 and Vista/XP users only. The problem has been nicknamed ‘Black Screen of Death’.

Update: It turns out nobody has observed the Black Screen yet and Microsoft Security Response Center has found that November Security Updates have not made changes to the Shell key in the Registry. But the methods listed below might fix the Black Screen problem if any malware has infected your computer and shows a black screen.

Method 1 – System Restore

There is however another solution to fix this problem and trust me, it is far more easier. Since the problem is occurring for most users due to the latest update from Microsoft, simply start Windows 7 in safe mode and restore your system back to the date before the last update, using of course, the ever useful System Restore functionality.

Method 2 – Anti-Malware

Some users are encountering this problem due to a malware, if this is the case with you, run Windows 7 in safe mode and scan your system with Malwarebytes and other anti malware apps to get rid of dangerous malwares. We have observed in various forums that this has fixed most users’ issue.

Extra Tip: Wrong Display Settings

Some users will encounter the blank(black) screen due to wrong display settings. In this case, again you need to start Windows 7 in safe mode and change the display settings back to normal. You can reduce the resolution, make sure the screen refresh rate is 60Hertz, etc.

Hopefully this will fix your problem. If you are still encountering the black screen after trying out the above four methods, leave a comment and we might be able to help.

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