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Route Audio From Your PC To An Android Phone

Macs, iPhones, and iPads are consistently built to communicate well with each other. The OS updates tie more and more of the features together but for anyone trying to get a Windows PC and an Android phone to play nice with each other, you will need third party apps. If you’re trying to send audio from your PC to an Android, SoundWire is an Android and Windows app that will let you do just that. The Android version of the app comes with ads though they aren’t intrusive and shouldn’t make much of a difference once you have the audio set up to transmit from your desktop to your phone or tablet. The paid version of the app is free of ads and has additional features.

Download and install the Windows client for SoundWire. It will start a server on your desktop. You need only install the app and it will set itself up. Wait until the app’s Status field reads ‘Connected’. The app has other features including allowing you to record audio to a file but if you’re just looking to send the audio to your Android device, run the app on your desktop and then switch to your phone or tablet.


On your Android device, launch the app and tap the icon once to get it to scan your network for a running SoundWire server. It should automatically detect the one running on your desktop but in the event that it doesn’t, you can manually input the server address.

SoundWire SoundWire-equalizer

That’s all it takes. The audio from your PC will be routed to your Android device. You can listen to it from the device’s speakers or you can plug in a set of headphones and listen to the audio through it. There is no lag but if your network were to suddenly get busy e.g., if you start casting to a Chromecast, the audio will begin to lag. SoundWire is built for Windows XP and above, and it also has a Linux and Raspberry Pi clients.

Install SoundWire From The Google Play Store

Download SoundWire For Windows


  1. What I want to try doing is link my PC audio to my phone via Bluetooth so this way I can keep my Bluetooth headset pared to my phone so this way I won’t miss any calls or texts when I’m using my headset with my PC. Is there a way to do this? I’m on an Android phone.

    • Yeah, I really don’t get why they don’t just implement a Bluetooth connection option in SoundWire. I use LAN internet because my PC does not have Wifi built in and connection is choppy when trying it with a Wifi dongle. Soundwire devs should have realised that not everyone wants to or even can use Wifi.

    • From android to pc?
      AFAIK bluetooth on pc do not route audio.
      If it does, how can i setup it?

    • I did that some time ago but the PC speakers will not be used as my phone speakers. i can just transfer files.
      I want to play google play music that is in my phone but using my pc speakers.

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