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How to schedule an app close on Windows 10

You can schedule when Windows 10 shuts off. You can do this with an app but an app that allows you to schedule system shut down is basically just executing a simple command line command. Since not most people are comfortable with the command line, an app is often a better option. If you need to schedule an app close on Windows 10, you can’t do it from the command line. You can, however, use Autoclose. It’s a free app that can schedule when an app will close.

Schedule an app close

Download Autoclose and install it. When the app runs, it gives you pretty easy to follow instructions on how to schedule an app close. The app ought to be running in order for you to schedule when it will turn off.

Click the Add a task button, and select the app or process that you want to schedule the close for.

You can schedule the app close in one of two ways; interval time, and precise time. By default, the Interval option is set where you can set how long, from the current time, an app should close, for example, if you want an app to close after ten minutes.

If you need it to close at a specific time, you can select the Schedule option, and set the time and date for when the app should close. Once you’re done, click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom.

If you want, you can also set your system to shut down after an app has closed. If you’ve scheduled several apps to close, you should be careful which one you choose to trigger the system shut down.

The app also has a really neat way to select apps that you want to schedule close for. If you don’t want to use the list of running apps to pick an app, you can click and drag the little box icon at the top of the Add a task window and release it onto the app window that you want to select. When you release the mouse, the app that you dropped the icon on will automatically be selected in the apps list in the Add a task window.

If you use this app to schedule when an app closes, you want to be careful it doesn’t interrupt anything the target app is doing. You also want to make sure that your work is saved. If you use it to close Microsoft Word, make sure the document you have open is saved first.

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