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SetteMaxer For Windows 7 – A Simple Tweaking Tool

SetteMaxer is a light weight portable tool which lets you perform a handful of simple tweaks. It lets you perform common windows tweaks with a single click otherwise you would have to manually edit the registry or follow tiresome steps to get the same results.

You may perform the following Set of tweaking operations with it,

1. You can optimize the following:

  • menu show delay
  • wait to kill service timeout
  • wait to kill applications timeout
  • application’s response timeout

2. You may enable the following:

  • auto end tasks
  • desktop composition

3. You may disable the following:

  • auto reboot on crash
  • task scheduler
  • remote registry access
  • user access control
  • Windows Defender program

In addition to all the above this tool may also fix settings for Windows Live Messenger.

SetteMaxer For Windows 7

Simply check the desired option(s) and click the Apply button, the changes will be applied instantly.

Download SetteMaxer For Windows 7

This tool only provides a few system tweaks, however if you are looking for some suite that offers several system tweaking utilities then you can use Enhancemyse7en. Enjoy!


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