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Should You Upgrade Your Dell Laptop To Windows 10 Despite Compatibility Issues?

Windows 10 is rolling out slowly, but surely to users in 119 countries. Thanks to the Get Windows 10 app that Microsoft released months before, users know at the very least if their laptops are indeed compatible with the new OS or not. I’m one of the unlucky ones that has a laptop so ancient that there’s an issue with a driver and the app duly pointed it out. It seems quite a few Dell laptops have some sort of issue and users are already flooding both Dell’s and Microsoft’s forums, as well as other help communities with questions about the upgrade. If you’re in the same boat and wondering if you should risk the upgrade and deal with the consequences later, here is one legitimate source that you can check as far as a Dell laptop is concerned.

The Get Windows 10 app has reported a compatibility issue for the Inspiron 15 (N5010, Early 2010).

Get Windows 10_compatibility

If you visit forums, people are suggesting workarounds but Dell has also tested which of its models will be able to upgrade to Windows 10. In order to determine if your laptop made the cut, go to Dell’s driver download page (link at the bottom) and enter your service tag (located at the bottom of your laptop) to identify your device. Just above the listed drivers, you will see a notice from Dell telling you if your laptop will be compatible or not. The Inspiron 15 (N5010) has not been tested for the Windows 10 upgrade as yet.



You can check back to the site in a few days or a few weeks to see if they later test it out. If you’re very anxious to try Windows 10, try disabling whatever device or app that will not be compatible on Windows 10 on your current Windows 7 installation. If the system continues to work flawlessly, you can consider the upgrade but do so at your own risk. For now, and until Dell updates the status for my laptop model, I will be sticking to Windows 7.

Online forums show that Lenovo laptops are also experiencing upgrade issues. If you know something that might help them, or a fellow Dell user, please mention it in the comments. Good luck!

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