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The Best Single Player Games On Steam Summer Sale 2017

Steam Summer Sale 2017 is in full-swing. This gives users a chance to sit back and relax in the comfort of their homes and try out some games while they wait out the heat. We already talked about the best bundles you can/should get your hands on in 2017. Now that the sale closes in 2 days and the new month is about to begin (meaning, new paycheck) we recommend the following single player games that you can get at massive discounts from Steam. These includes bundles (not already mentioned in the previous entry) as well as standalone releases.

8. Classics

Some PC classics that have shaped the very industry are available at magnificent discounts. This includes the likes of Commandos (Real-Time Strategy), Heroes of Might and Magic (Turn Based Strategy), Fable (RPG), Red Alert (RTS) , Age of Empires II (RTS).

Get Commandos (85% Discount – Might not work with Windows 10)

Get Heroes of Might and Magic III – HD (66% Discount)

Get Fable Anniversary (75% Discount)

Get Red Alert 3 (75% Discount – The expansion ‘Uprising’ is also available for sale)

Get Age of Empires II – HD (75% Discount)

7. Dark Souls III

It is famously the most difficult of modern releases, You are the Ashen One, an undead warrior. The story isn’t important for Dark Souls III (it’s good, but unimportant). Your only purpose is to get to the end of the game while trying not to die. The game designed solely to make that task nearly impossible for you, everything is going to kill you, that includes bosses, traps, puzzles, even random flowers. That challenge is what makes it worth the effort.

Get Dark Souls III (60% Discount)

6. Doom

Despite the daunting legacy behind the franchise, expectations of Doom were low because games and remakes have had a tumultuous past. That said, Doom took everything that was sacred about the franchise and turned it up several notches. This brings us a brutal game with intense gore and incredible action with a coherent (even interesting) story woven through it.

Get Doom (50% Discount)

5. Dishonored

Dishonored was a sleeper hit by Bethesda (Fallout, Skyrim) and Arkane Studios (Call of Duty World at War, Bioshock 2) which puts you in the shoes of Corvo, falsely condemned and imprisoned for a murder. You must escape from prison, uncover the mystery of the murder and rescue the kidnapped princess all without getting caught. Along the way, you pick up supernatural abilities that aid your quest. The game follows RPG elements in that your actions will affect the ultimate outcome of the game. The sequel takes it a step further and lets you choose between the now grown up princess or Corvo.

The level design is so creative that you will want to play each round again and again in the hopes to explore every nook and cranny. There are moving mansions and time travel missions that you are guaranteed to not have experienced anywhere else before. The game has a Hitman like approach to mission solving, in that you can pick how you tackle the mission. You can be stealthy and hidden, or you can be brazen and violent. Either way, this is a good game, especially for stealth aficionados.

Get Dishonored (75% Discount)

Get Dishonored 2 (50% Discount)

4. Darksiders

Modern concept of gaming  focuses more on maximizing profitability for publishers by making gamers pay full prices for half finished games and then demanding more for the rest the game in the form of a DLC (formerly known as Expansions). Darksiders takes that idea and tosses it directly out the window by giving you the full game with nothing hidden behind paywalls. You experience the game from start to finish solving puzzles, traveling the desolate land that used to be Earth, this game is highly recommended for people who enjoy fantasy adventures.

The game is about the Four Horseriders of the Apocalypse, who are tasked with preserving the peace between the armies of heaven and hell. Each game focuses on a different horseman, starting with War, followed by Death. Darksiders III is coming soon, featuring Fury. Meanwhile, definitely try these games out.

Get Darksiders Bundle (80% Discount – you can skip the sound track and buy both games individually and save yourself a dollar worth).

3. Shadow Of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is a story set in Middle-Earth as Sauron’s armies are rising. The Uruk make the Ranger Talion watch as they kill his family (dark stuff) and then kill him, but he survives by binding himself to an immensely powerful wraith. The story takes elements from the Tolkienverse and builds its own rather than borrow heavily from it, though it is adjacent to the legendarium.

The game is about destroying Sauron’s armies before they can assemble, by taking out their generals and weakening their forces from within. The game has elements of Stealth and Open-World. If you are a die-hard fan of the Legacy of Kain series, you will notice that Shadow of Mordor borrows heavily from the now defunct 2009 game Dead Sun (see for yourself). However, this is a must-have for fans of the series as well as fans of the action fantasy genre. You will not experience boredom for even a moment.

Get Shadow of Mordor (80% Discount)

2. Legacy Of Kain Series

Legacy of Kain had the misfortune of arriving before the industry was ready for it. This series came out circa 97 (Legacy of Kain – Blood Omen) to 2003 (Legacy of Kain – Defiance) with an intense focus on story and puzzle solving. The puzzles were intriguing and complex and the story sets a benchmark that no other game has been able to touch (to date). This bundle does not include the original Legacy of Kain Blood Omen game, but you should definitely read up/watch that game before proceeding to this game. Understand that the visuals are going to be dated by today’s standards and it is optimized for a controller rather than a keyboard/mouse combo, but it is not an experience any gamer should lose out on.

The game is about the vampire Kain and wraith Raziel and how they unravel a conspiracy set against them that transcends time.

The series is most enjoyable in the following sequence:

1- Blood Omen (you can watch the story here)

2- Get Soul Reaver (80% Discount – it even has mods to update the graphics a little)

3- Get Soul Reaver 2 (80% Discount)

4- Get Defiance (80% Discount)

5- Get Blood Omen 2 (80% Discount – even though it came out before Defiance, it is best played after Defiance)

1. Batman Arkham Series

Batman Arkham Asylum gave us a glimpse of something everyone had lost hope in; a good superhero game. You play as Batman with complete access to his entire arsenal while trying to thwart a major catastrophe. You get to hunt enemies as Batman and you take down hoards of attackers using Batman’s incredible fighting skills coupled with some sweet gadgets. The series escalates in scale starting from a small Island (Arkham Asylum), to half a city (Arkham City), to a full city (Arkham Origins), to 3 full islands (Arkham Knight). The game is always interesting from start to end, focusing on combat, puzzle solving using Batman’s detective skills while fighting some of Batman’s legendary enemies.

Get Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition (75% Discount)

Get Arkham City Game of the Year Edition (75% Discount)

Get Arkham Origins (75% Discount)

Get Arkham Knight Premium Edition (60% Discount – there is a regular release on sale too, you’ll see it if you open the link and scroll below)

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