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How to Use Slack Reminders (Create, Edit, Delete, and View Reminders)

Slack is a fun chat application that became popular for use in workplaces. It became popular because of its support for GIFs but the app handles communication exceptionally well. Old conversations are easy to find again, files that have been shared over chat or a channel are easy to browse through, and it’s easy to get someone’s attention in a channel, among other things.

Slack Reminders

Slack reminders

Slack has bots and supports third-party apps that integrate with the app but some of its best features work silently. In fact, you may not know about them unless someone points them out. 

Slack reminders are an excellent silent feature that allows users to set up reminders that you need to send to yourself or to other people, or to a channel. You do not have to install anything. The feature is all set up to go when you install the client or when you access the Slack web app.

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Create Slack reminders

To create a reminder in Slack follow these steps.

  1. Open Slack.
  2. Select any chat or channel thread.
  3. In the text input field, enter /remind to activate the reminder tool.
  4. Use the @ character and then follow it up by the name of the person you want to set/send the reminder to.
  5. Enter the reminder that you want to set e.g., feed the cat.
  6. Follow this up with the date and time you want to send/get the reminder.
  7. Tap Enter.
  8. Slack with show you a confirmation message that the reminder has been set.


/remind @fatima Feed the cat Monday April 12 12:00pm

Cancel Slack reminders

When Slack shows you the reminder has been set, you have the option to cancel it but you can always cancel a reminder at any other time. To cancel a reminder, follow these steps.

  1. Open Slack and click inside the text input field.
  2. Enter /remind list and tap Enter.
  3. Click Delete next to the reminder that you want to delete.

Note: Reminders are deleted without any confirmation.


Slack reminders are easy to set but, once they’ve been set, they’re easy to forget and ignore. It’s a good idea to review the list of reminders that you have set from time to time.

These reminders may not be suitable for everyone since many users may prefer a much quicker and more obvious way to review the reminders that have been set but as far as an almost invisible tool goes, Slack does reminders exceptionally well.

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