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Split/Cut Large MP3 Files With Shiver MP3 Cutter

Have you ever downloaded a file that contains 10 different songs in a single MP3 file? Wanting to split them afterwards into different parts is such a headache, Shiver Mp3 Cutter is the solution for this particular problem. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool which lets you split, cut or trim an MP3 file, and lets you save the results into new MP3 files. It has an embedded audio player which allows you to manually select segments which should be sliced. While splitting the MP3 file, the quality is not effected at all.

Simply launch this tool and select the Mp3 file you want to split from the File > Open option. Once it starts playing the Mp3 file, mark the starting point for splitting by clicking the Mark Start button and the ending point by clicking the Mark End button. Click the Cut button and the Mp3 file will be split, it will then ask you to save this new file.

Shiver mp3

Download Shiver Mp3 Cutter

Several tools are available on the internet which perform the same job, however Shiver MP3 Cutter is so simple that any amateur may use it to perform Mp3 file splitting. It is tested successfully on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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