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Spotify Recorder – Download/Save Mp3 Songs From Spotify

Spotify is the latest upcoming music service that is taking the world by storm. At the moment Spotify is only available in selected countries across Europe and will soon open in US. Spotify allows user to search and listen to their favorite music, if you like the song you can purchase it.

Today I came across a tool called Spotify Recorder. It determines when and what Spotify is playing and then automatically saves the song in mp3 format.

With a huge growth, Spotify will have to learn to live with such tools. Just take an example of YouTube, it doesn’t allows video downloads but there are so many 3rd party apps for this purpose.

Update: The app has been updated, now users can select a directory where they want to save songs, choose recording device, adjust bitrate, and normalize volume. Also the wav support has been enhanced and made stereo, the music will sound better now.

Spotify Recorder

Download Spotify Recorder (Second last tool from bottom)

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Looking for more, check out Spotify Remote Control and Spotify Tweaks. Enjoy!

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  • TJ

    It does NOT work on Windows 7 x64
    And the soundquality is Crap

    • Hundn

      Streaming Audio Capture can work for Windows OS and Mac system. I have checked it to save mp3 from YouTube, Spotify and so on. Enjoy.


      • Garfield

        Hey, Hundn
        thanks. It is great for me.

  • IP

    does not work in windows xp,records but no audio

  • ifihadacape

    Yep, doesn't work… shame because there's some songs on spotify that you can't download or purchase anywhere.

    • maccy

      works for me, like a bomb. Sound quality seems ok, and best is that theres no hiss which you sometimes get with TotalRecorder.

  • maccy

    works for me, like a bomb. Sound quality seems ok, and best is that theres no hiss which you sometimes get with TotalRecorder.

  • maccy

    works for me, like a bomb. Sound quality seems ok, and best is that theres no hiss which you sometimes get with TotalRecorder.

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  • jah

    Doesn't work 4 me either, (Vista)

  • johnny

    the sound is like shit… sorry

  • Check out http://www.downloadspotifymusic.com there is a description of how to download music from spotify for free. There are several music ripping tools which you can use. They are all listed on that page!

  • Of course you can record Spotify music streaming. Using potify ripper can get spotify music to your computer easily. it records from your sound card and the output quality is perfect like the original.

  • dave amos

    this is what you need to convert spotify – or any music – http://www.applian.com/replay-music/welcome.php , its a utility that records from the audio card 🙂

  • I’ll try this tool out in a few days and then report back. Wish me luck!

  • steve

    WOWEEEE ! Thank you thank you thank you….works great for me on win7 64 bit and sends recording straight to my music files

  • Jens
  • Dennis

    I downloaded it right now. Tested and it works incredibly. Have tried various ways, but no success. This little freeware is wonderful. Every thing is doen automatically, all songs be stored separately, named and in a very good quality. It saves music in 192, MP3 format. The only you should do is let it be open when you listen to spotify. All you listen to will be stored automatically. That’s all.
    Thanks to this web and the special thanks to the producer.

  • Gary

    Dennis, can you let us know what freeware it is that you are using?

  • nigh
  • Solly Atwell

    To those who say it doesn’t work don’t bother with it. Use the open source prog. AUDACITY set to “stereo mix” as the input source. It records all sound sent to the speakers. You can then export as MP3
    This works flawlessly on Win 7 64bit service pack 1.
    Wouldn’t be without it

  • Jesse

    Audials Tunebite also works as a Spotify Recorder:


    It actually works pretty good to capture, record and convert spotify music to mp3 tracks and save them on my hard disk.

    I also like to download and save spotify tracks when I find some really good music, does come in handy to be able to record Spotify music and get it on my mp3 player.

  • Vern

    Isn’t this illegal?

    • Spock

      T’is same as recording to a ancient c-casette from radio…hardly illegal… as long as you don’t profit from it I guess .

      • Anonymous

        The bigg difference is that with ancient casettes it took real time to copy 1 copy to the next. Here people download a song and then they can easily put it on a blog or forum where thousand downloads the same song, almost instantly. 
        I´m pretty sure those thousands who download that for free later on won´t buy any of the songs for money.

        • joe blow

          Yeah, but it’s not illegal just for personal use, is it?

    • ^what a loser!


    • Blabla

      Who cares??????????

    • yea so it recording off the radio, or off  tv… For those of u having problems navigate to c:program..Dogitech then right click the exe as well as the mp3.exe and set all users to have admin rights.. and it will work. I purchased the latest version 15 bucks well spent..

    • :P


  • Brice De Groot

    does it work on a mac pro??

  • ur mom