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Statmetrics Shows Analysis And Modeling Of Financial Markets

A few months back, we covered an application called TickVue for users who need to consistently check fluctuating stock market rates, the application is accompanied with only Yahoo Finance service for fetching data in real-time and to list down companies operating in stock markets. Today we have stumbled across Statmetrics, which not only offers one but 3 finance data providers in one package – Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and German Federal Bank. The application differs in a lot of aspects from TickVue, it is more of a analytical tool which offers several modeling techniques to analyze selected markets. Adding more, it integrates widely implemented quantitative finance technologies in addition with contemporary econometric analysis methods to simulate trading and to scale out according to market trends.

Along with simple data management tools, it implements modern portfolio theory and capital asset pricing model to optimize and assist you with portfolio management. Moreover, it allow users to chart current and projected data on numerous scales. Technical analysis is provided through various charting techniques and tools, ranging from Basic charting shapes, to Statistical, Fibonacci, Gan Fan and Speed Resistance Fan. All the econometric modeling is done through basic statistical analysis techniques and through probability density functions.

On the main screen, it will list down all the included companies with their IDs, from where you need to choose the finance data provider. From the bottom lane, it allows you to download their current status/data from selected online resource. Just click Download to update and list down each listed company’s status.


All the features mentioned beforehand can be accessed from Tools menu. You can perform basic data management and bring up its native Trading simulator from File menu. Trading simulation can be started by entering Start Price, Mean and Volatility, you can further view GARCH analysis with all required model parameters.

statmetrics 1


On the product page, you can find detailed hand book explaining each included feature in detail. The application works on Mac, Linux and Windows OS platforms, requiring JRE to be installed already. We tested it on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download Statmetrics

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