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Tappin Allows Secure Remote Access To View & Share Large Files

These days, we usually have our digital content stored in multiple locations at once. With so many electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, it’s hard to keep a copy of everything in each device you own. To make the content available on every device, services like DropBox require you to upload files to access them from configured devices. Tappin is a cloud service that lets you access any file stored on your hard drive without the need to upload or sync your files to central server; the files stay safe and secure on your computer. It allows you to remotely access documents and media files from browsers, mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7) and tablets. The application forces no size limits on the files, and you can access your data on another computer as well as share the files with others. Tappin not only provides secure and private remote access to you files, but also compresses and encrypts that content before making it accessible from other devices.

The application requires you to sign up for the services to set up your private cloud storage. Just visit Tappin (link given at the bottom of the post), enter email address and password to receive an activation link. Clicking the link will begin installing the client app, which can be accessed from system tray.  After installation, it will prompt you to enter the email address and password to login.

Tappin System Tray

When you want make local folder accessible from other devices, right-click the system tray icon and select Tappin Folders to open its web app. You will be prompted to select the folders that you want to Make Available. Select Make Another Folder Available from the bottom right corner, and select the folder you want to add to Tappin. Once added, it will be placed in the Private tab (Private folders are viewable only by you).

TappIn Add Folder

The folders you add to Tappin can be accessed from any remote location. All you need is a web browser to access your account to view and download the file at specified local location. Moreover, Tappin allows you to stream audio and video files without having to download them. To share a folder, click Share This Folder (option available underneath each folder), select the Sharing type (With Login and No Login required), enter your name, and then specify recipient email address to send the file share invitation.

TappIn Share Folder

The recipients will receive a link in their email inbox enabling them to access the shared folder.

TappIn View Shared

Visit Tappin

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