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The Big Bad Launcher: Launch Files, Folders, And Websites With A Single Click

The Big Bad Launcher is an application that enables you to launch application files, folders and websites with a single click. It is useful for users who need to work with many different applications. It is also helpful if you have to switch quickly from one folder to the other. Additionally, you can launch multiple sites with this tool.

It offers a user-friendly interface. The application sits in the System Tray, from where you can launch it by pressing hotkey. You can pre-define the files, folders or sites that are to be launched. These settings can then be saved to your own profile. In this way, you can setup separate profiles for your work and leisure-related tasks, and specify them to open the type of applications you wish to use.

the big bad launcher

The applications are instantly launched from My Launcher window, which can be accessed by pressing hotkeys Win + Z.

big bad launcher

This application is suitable for people who spend most of their time working on PCs. By automating the process of launching all your important files, folders or websites, you are left to focus on your work.

It supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

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