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Thumbico Lets You View & Extract Icons Of Files, Videos & Applications

Icons allow you to easily differentiate file types and applications from each other by giving you a different visual for every application. Changing file icons through changing the theme is always risky, since it might modify some important and sensitive Windows’ files, which can result in some system file getting corrupted. Usually, people keep the default theme offered by Windows and do not make a lot of change to the visuals, but other like to customize every aspect of their operating system in order to have a more personalized feel. If you are one of those people who regularly change their themes and icon packs, but are not satisfied with some of the icons, give Thumbico a try. It is a portable application that lets you view thumbnails of any file, image, document, video or application in your computer, and extract their icons. You can use it to experiment with icons using features like resizing and converting to use the ones that fit both your mood and the application. Keep reading to find out more about Thumbico.

The simplicity of the application is its greatest strength, in my opinion. To load an image, just drag and drop it onto the main interface of the application. You can add images, as well as icons, in the same way. For instance, if there is an icon of an application that you really like, you can drag and drop the application shortcut into Thumbico, and it will automatically load the icon. The resolution of icons and images can be changed by the Width and Height editing controls given at the top right. Choose the required width and height, and click the Refresh button to apply the changes.


The Settings button at the top-right corner lets you make the icons bigger, smaller, save image, copy it to clipboard, rotate the icons to left, right, horizontal and vertical flip, convert it to gray scale mode, change the background color, and more.


The utility of the application can be increased a lot if an option is added to let the user change the icons of current shortcuts, file and applications from directly within the application. It has a memory foot print of around 21 MB, and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Thumbico


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