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Transform Windows 7 Into Mac With Snow Transformation Pack

Windows 7 is quickly growing as a very popular operating system with its customizable features and appealing looks. Now, you can even transform your Windows 7 to give complete look and feel of a Mac operating system. Snow Transformation Pack enables you to swiftly modify your Windows 7 appearance so it takes on the Snow Leopard skin of OS X.

The transformation requires just a couple reboots. As soon as your PC restarts, you will begin to feel the magic of this amazing transformation. Right from Windows logon screen down to the theme, icons and controls, everything is replaced with a new, fabulous Mac view. It also includes the chic RK Launcher—any MAC user would tell you how incomplete his PC is without this pivotal tool.


At startup, you are greeted with the Welcome Center, which also offers several options, such as Configure user account, Repair system files and Remove Snow Transformation Pack. From the Configure user account link, you can control the desktop enhancements and other 3rd party apps that are to take effect. The settings are confirmed by clicking on the Apply Configuration button


An amazing transformation pack for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that totally changes how your computer looks.

Tested on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Snow Transformation Pack


  1. I downloaded this recently, everything seems to work well except the fact that for all the windows I open, they are not “border-less” like the real mac windows look like. On this article’s second picture, there is no grey border between the window and the background. Is there any way to fix this? I’ve tried everything I could think of.

  2. HELP! I downloaded this and now everytime I start my computer it says I have some wrong in the system or something, the installation went wrong. Now when I open documents/my computer or anything thats not my webbrowser it just keeps loading but nothing happens. I cannot remove this, I tried to click uninstall on snow transform welcome center but when it had rebooted it was still the same and now my snow transformation welcome center is gone. I tried to copy all my files and game etc to another hard drive but it didnt work it just kept loading like documents did and I cant get my default Windows 7 back! HEEEELP!!!!!! :((((

    • It is the end of the world for your computer, dear sir. I’m sorry. Restore your computer with a factory restore disc. If you dont have one, buy one or use a linux cd thats free.

  3. Do you know how to uninstall it, because i cant see any option. how should i shift to my old windows 7 without losing my data

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