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How to turn Bluetooth On/Off on lock/unlock on Windows 10

Bluetooth devices, when paired to a Windows 10 system, will connect automatically when Bluetooth is turned on. You do have to turn it on though but that’s pretty simple to do as well. Bluetooth can’t be automated so you’re always going to be turning it On or Off manually. If you want to automate it so that you can turn Bluetooth on/off on lock/unlock, you need to use the Task Scheduler, two BAT scripts, and one app.

Automate Bluetooth

We’re going to get to the tasks in Task Scheduler at the end. You will have to create two tasks that will run an app, and the two scripts.


You need three things to get started; the Task Scheduler, the two BAT scripts, and an app. The app you need is called RadioControlCmd. It’s available in the Microsoft Store. Make sure that you install this app to your Windows drive. If you installed it to a different drive, you can move it after it’s been installed.


Create the two scripts that you will need. One script will turn Bluetooth on, and the other will turn it off.

Open Notepad and paste the following in it. This will turn Bluetooth on. Give it a name e.g. Bluetooth On and save it with the BAT file extension.

radiocontrol.exe 0 on

Now you need to create the second script. Again, paste the following in a new Notepad file. This script will turn Bluetooth Off so name it Bluetooth Off and save it with the BAT file extension.

radiocontrol.exe Bluetooth off

Note: You can use a different name to save the scripts. It’s up to you but it’s a good idea to use descriptive names for your scripts.

Create Tasks

Open Task Scheduler and click Create new task in the column on the right. The first task we’re creating is going to turn Bluetooth off when you lock your system. Give the task a name that will tell you what the task is for.

On the General tab, you only need to set the name of the task and nothing else. Leave the rest as it is. Go to the Triggers tab and click the New button. From the dropdown at the top, select On workstation lock. That’s all you need to do on this tab.

Go to the Actions tab. You have to add two actions here. Click the New button at the bottom. The Action is going to be set to Start a program. In the Browse field, you need to enter the following;


Click Ok, and the first action will be added. Now you need to add the second action. Click the New button at the bottom, and this time click the Browse button. Select the script you created that will turn Bluetooth Off. Click Ok.

That’s the first script done. Right-click it, and select Run.

To turn Bluetooth On when you unlock your system, create a new task. Give it a name that tells you what the script does. Go to the Triggers tab, and from the dropdown, select On workstation unlock.

Go to the Actions tab. You have to add two actions here. The first will call the app you installed. Insert the following in the Browse box.


Add a second action, and this time, select the script that will turn Bluetooth On. That’s all you need to do. Click Ok, and run the task.

When you lock your system, Bluetooth will be turned Off. When you unlock it, it will be turned back on.

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