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Uawks Adds Support For Apple Wireless Keyboard In Windows

Apple’s Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is both awesome and super-sexy. The limitations are that it can only work with OS X but not with Windows. What if you love this keyboard and want to use it with Windows?

Uawks, which stand for Unofficial Apple Wireless Keyboard Support, is a free opensource tool that makes the Apple Wireless Keyboard fully compatible with Windows. You can enable it to run during Windows startup, once loaded, it runs silently in the system tray.

uawks system tray icon

Right-click this icon and you will see some basic options such as Stop/Restart Uawks and Enable/Disable Mac-like Keyboard shortcuts. Since the keyboard layout of Apple is different from that of Windows, the shortcuts are also different.

uawks basic mode

To get access to more advanced options, click Enable Expert Mode.

uawks expert mode

Most importantly, according to the developer it provides support for essential keys that don’t work out of the box:

Forward Delete Fn + Delete
Home, End, Page Up and Down Fn + Arrow Keys
Media and Volume Control Fn + F7-F12
Print Screen Fn + F3
Ctrl –Alt -Delete Control + Alt + Delete
Eject Eject


It is a small but stable software that takes very little system resources, according to my tests. Enjoy!


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