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How to uninstall Movies & TV app extensions on Windows 10

The Movies & TV app on Windows 10 is supposed to replace the Windows Media Player. WMP is still available on Windows 10 and while it does have some shortcomings, it is still better than the Movies & TV app in most areas. The great thing about the Movies & TV app is that it supports MKV files, has some unique features, and Microsoft is actively working on adding new codecs for it. These codecs are added as extensions. You can install them from the Microsoft Store and they will work with the Movies & TV app. If you ever decide you don’t need an extension, or that an extension destabilizes your system, you can remove it.

The question is, how to uninstall Movies & TV app extensions because the Movies & TV app has no interface whatsoever that lets you enable or disable extensions.

Movies & TV app extensions

Any extension that you install for the Movies & TV app appears in the list of installed apps in the Settings app. That’s the only place it appears so that’s where you have to go to uninstall it. The extension, though it installs as an app, doesn’t appear in the Start Menu, nor in the Control Panel.

Open the Settings app and go to the Apps group of settings. This is where you can find a list of all apps, desktop and UWP, installed on your system. Look through this list and find the extension that you want to uninstall. Extensions all have the same icon so if you don’t remember the extension’s name, you can look for the puzzle icon with a play button on it.

Click it and click the ‘Uninstall’ button. A menu will open with another uninstall button. Click that, and the extension will be removed.

A while back, you could uninstall apps from the Microsoft Store but that feature appears to have been removed. Not many people might have used the Store app to uninstall apps but in a pinch, it was a pretty good way to uninstall apps when you couldn’t figure out any other way to do it.

Edge extensions install in the browser and can be managed from there. Users can disable an extension without having to uninstall it. Microsoft obviously knows that this is one way to manage extensions for an app but it hasn’t added the same support for the Movies & TV app which is odd. There’s really no point hoping Microsoft will improve on this so this is how you uninstall extensions from the Movies & TV app.

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