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Ursa Spell Checker Monitors & Corrects Spelling Mistakes In Skype

Skype is one of the most widely used applications for text, audio and video commination worldwide. Launched almost a decade ago, it has now become the number one source of VoIP communication world wide. Such popularity even led the Redmond giant Microsoft to acquire it. Other than the communication services, it offers a bunch of features, including voicemail, group video calling and screen sharing. In addition, the folks behind it development also recently added Facebook integration for seamless experience. However, Skype still doesn’t have any native spell checker to help you locate and correct misspellings and typos. To cope with this problem, today we have a third party application that does the job, called Ursa Spell Checker. It is a lightweight utility that checks written text, and enables you to correct any wrong spellings or typos, while sending messages on Skype. When wrong spellings are detected, the application provides you with a list of correct words to choose from. It has support for multiple languages, and can be enabled/disabled through hot keys. More on Ursa Spell Checker after the break.

After installing the application, right-click its system tray icon and select Show to open the Ursa Spell Checker Console. From the Licensing tab, choose Get an Activation Code to open the product page. Click Get free Activation Code and enter the required information to receive your free activation key. Once you receive your key, enter it by clicking the Enter Activation Code button.

Ursa Spell Checker  Ursa Spell Checker Activation Centre

The Console has General options to specify hot keys to Enable and Disable spell checking, and Dictionaries option to Add or Remove Dictionaries for different languages.

Ursa spell checker console

Ursa Spell Checker offers a long list of language dictionaries, including English, French, German, Arabic, Indian, Russian. Spanish, and others.

Dictionaries form

Once the spell checker is activated, it will detect and underline any spelling mistakes that you make. Right-click the underlined word to view a list of correct words, view Application Menu, Add to Dictionary and Languages options.

Skype test ursa

Ursa Spell Checker can prove to be a very useful addition to your Skype, if you use it for sending text messages. It was a missing feature which this application has perfectly helped in bringing in. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Ursa Spell Checker

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