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Use A USB Drive As Login Card For Windows

Securing your PC with a password that is long and contains alphameric characters is always a good technique. However, such passwords are quite difficult to remember, and when it comes to locking and unlocking your system frequently – while you go to get a coffee or lunch at work – it becomes quite tedious to enter the password over and over again. Previously, we covered a few alternatives to protect your computer from any unauthorized access including Blue Lock and Predator. The latter monitors a pre-configured USB flash drive and locks down the PC, in case it’s removed from the USB slot. Today, we have a similar application to share, which aims to make Windows Lock and unlock operations a breeze. Rohos Logon Key is an application that can turn your USB flash drive into a login card, eliminating the need for manually entering your user account password. Its user-interface isn’t filled with a plethora of options and is fairly easy to configure.

The application enables to use those jumbled up letters and yet you don’t need to remember them to login into your system. Moreover, it’s a much faster way to log in to Windows, and no one would get the slightest hint of the password. The application usage is quite simple, too. Simply connect your USB drive and launch the program. Click Setup USB Key to configure your USB flash drive. It must be noted that even after storing the password, all the user data on the flash drive remains intact and you may use it for data storage and transfer.

Rohos Logon Key

The application asks you to enter the user account password. Should you have connected multiple USB drives, click Change and select the appropriate one that you want to use. Upon entering the password, click Setup USB Key to complete the process.

Rohos Logon Key_Setup USB Key

The application stores and encrypts the password using AES – 256bit algorithm, and remains completely hidden. You may also Disable Key under the Setup USB Key window, which restores everything to default.

Rohos Logon Key_Key set

The application doesn’t use a master password to restore your account login password; adding it would have provided that extra layer of security.

Rohos Logon Key also offers a paid version, which costs $32 and features a few extra options, such as Secure 2-factor login, Emergency Logon etc. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 64-bit.

Download Rohos Logon Key

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