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Use Apple Keyboard Under Windows 7 Without Losing Mac Functionality

Apple Wireless Keyboard is a small script developed with AutoHotkey that allows users to use Apple Keyboard (both wired and wireless) under Windows 7 without losing the Mac functionality. It brings those useful Mac shortcuts that we use everyday, such as, Printscreen, Task Manager, iTunes Control, System Volume Control, Eject Button, and so on.

Using this helper application along with Magic Mouse driver will allow you to enjoy using Mac Keyboard and Mouse (Magic Mouse) under Windows 7 without any issues.

apple wireless keyboard helper for windows

The full list of supported functions are:

  • F3: Printscreen
  • F4: Task Manager
  • F7-F9: iTunes Control
  • F10-F12: System volume Control
  • Eject button toggles Fkeys/Functions
  • Fn + F key triggers function (useful when in F keys mode)
  • Fn + Backspace = Del

All functions were successfully tested on Windows 7 x86 system using an Apple keyboard. The helper app sits in the system tray and can be stopped anytime. The developer expects to add more features in future builds.

Download Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper

Extra Note: The name states that it works with Apple Wireless Keyboard only but we confirmed it to be working with Apple Wired Keyboard as well.


  1. I get the error “Program too big to fit in memory” appear when trying to run this file… it then instantly closes… any ideas?

  2. Thanks !!! Works like a charm 😀 …..

    *TIP : You can make this app start with windows easily just by copying the file to: Start -> All Programs -> Startup (windows 7).


  3. I forgot that when pressing the FN key, I have even more. I did not mentioned this because you need to press “FN” and any F keys with it, but they also have a dedicated picture and key. That is a Word launcher, Excel, Calendar, Browser, Messenger, Email, And Google search. So I think my PC keyboard has way more features then any MAC keyboard in the market, and it only costs like 49$ bucks. Thats the nice about PCs. You pay 50$ for something that on MAC would costs 100$ just because it has the Apple logo on it. Dont get me wrong. I like Apple products, design and innovation, even when they copied most things from other companies, same is truth for Microsoft and Apple, neither of them invented anything actually. Smaller companies did. My point is that the thing I hate about Apple is the way they try to screw people. If you buy that 100$ apple keyboard and open it, its from the same company that sells it for half, but just because it has Apple on it, it must be some kind of privileges, like if Apple customers are plain dumb and just everything without even researching their options.

    • You are an idiot. Are you really coming here just to hate on mac devices? Apple keyboards are well made and feel great to use, unlike your crappy keyboard. Nobody cares for your opinions which weren’t even asked for or relevant to the post.

      Great bit of software worked a charm, thanks.

  4. Are you serious? “It brings those useful Mac shortcuts that we use everyday, such as, Printscreen, Task Manager, iTunes Control, System Volume Control, Eject Button, and so on”

    I have all or most of this features on my Windows Keyboard as well.

    I have print screen, I have volume control, I even have play, stop, mute, forward, backward muscis, I dont have an iTunes control but I have a Media Station button and I also have a button with a sound icon on which I can launch what ever music player I like. Eject button? I also have that one. I have also task manager, zoom, Pictures, Settings, and at least 5 other which I can assign, and the most USED of all, Calculator button. All of the keys I mentioned are dedicated keys on my keyboard, this without mentioning the Windows key which I actually dont use. Ok I do have a logitech keyboard, but honestly any 20$ buck keyboard has all the things you mentioned. Even a laptop has those features printer on their keyboards. So what is so special about that MAC keyboard?

    • It’s not the Apple keyboard that is special, it is the fact that we have to switch from OSX system at home to Windows at work. My fingers have learned one way to interact with the keyboard, I want to maintain my productivity when I am forced to use Windows.

      Also, the Apple keyboard is very small, takes up little room on the desk, has a great feel and is well made.

      Apple invented the windows interface in the 1980s. A small company did not. Microsoft copied it and has been chasing ever since.

    • I’ve worked on Xerox workstations.  They were the first to have windows interface.  It even has built in vector graphics capability.  So actually it was Apple who copied.

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