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UsefulUtils Discs Studio – Best Freeware Alternative To Nero

If you are looking for a freeware alternative to Nero CD/DVD burning software, give UU Discs Studio a try. It is a free tool for Windows that has failed to gather attention among mainstream bloggers due to language barrier(software is made by a Russian developer). It was originally developed as a paid tool, but the latest version is now free with a whole new interface, HD/Blu-Ray burning support, and tons of new features.

It has three main features: Data burning, Audio Burning, and Video Burning. The tabs to access them are given at the bottom of the main window. I have reviewed each of them in details below.

Data Burning

By default you will start from Data Burning tab. It includes a split window interface, from the left sidebar select the files that you want to add and drag them to the main window. You add any file type irrespective of it’s format. To view and add hidden or system files, select View > Hidden/System Files.

UsefulUtils Discs Studio - data burn

The amount of space taken and left is shown as a green bar on top. Once you are ready to burn the files, click Burn Disc button. The status of the operation will be shown in the log at the bottom.

Audio Burning

Clicking the BurnAudioCD tab will take you to a new interface where you can add as many audio and music files as you want. Click the Add Audio Files button, select your music files, and click Open. Once all music files has been added, click Burn. Its that easy.

UsefulUtils Discs Studio - audio music burn

Information such as Track name and Time are also shown in the main window next to Audio File.

Video Burning

Clicking the BurnDVDVideo/miniDVD will take you a split interface designed specifically for video burning. The right-sidebar shows the information of the video that you have currently selected. It can also be used to make duplicate copies of a DVD video disk.

UsefulUtils Discs Studio - dvd video burn

One thing that makes this tool stand out from the rest is that all three features, i.e, Data, Audio, and Video Burning have their very own unique sub-interface.


There are tons of other useful options that comes with this tool. You can select, refresh, and eject the CD/DVD/HD/Blu-Ray Writer easily from the options given on the top-right corner.

UsefulUtils Discs Studio - drive options

Hit Ctrl + I or go to Service > Disk/Device Information to get information on both Disk and your Drive.

UsefulUtils Discs Studio - drive information

Hit Ctrl + P or go to Service > Settings to change various settings, such as Interface, Burn, Language, FreeDB, and Other settings.

UsefulUtils Discs Studio - burn settings

UsefulUtils Discs Studio - other device settings

Its a great overall tool that allows you to burn CD/DVD/HD/Blu-ray discs quickly without any complications.

Download UsefulUtils Discs Studio (By default the website is in Russian language, so make sure to click the English flag on right side of the page)

For more great apps, also check out BurnAware, BDDecrypter, and DVD Flick. Enjoy!


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