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View Images In A Folder Tree With Artsage Portable Image Viewer

ArtSage is a portable graphics viewer which displays image files within a folder tree, slideshow and with transition effects. It has some unique features which common file viewers greatly lack, such as, the ability to display images with selected opacity levels, an interface free slideshow, auto-scroll, windows wrapping and image squeezing. ArtSage can display multiple images in unique styles including a collage of images from a selected folder.

Other than having it’s own set of unique options, ArtSage contains many commonly used features which an image viewer is suppose to have, such as, rotation, cropping, zoom, full screen, etc. It supports a large array of commonly used graphic and picture formats like BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPG,PNG and TIF, etc, which makes it a comprehensive image viewer with additional features.

To get started, launch ArtSage and select a folder containing pictures, to view them in a slideshow. Individual images can be opened from the commonly used “Open With” option via right click context menu. If you would like to make ArtSage as your default image viewer, then check “Always use the selected program.”check box when opening an image from the context menu.


By default, Artsage displays images in a slideshow with varying transition effects. You can alter viewing options via application’s right-click menu to set default preferences for viewing images. To freeze an image from a slideshow, choose Pin from context menu. Other options include, image sorting, squeezing, stretching, zoom, cut, copy, paste, rotation, and much more. Squeezed images are displayed with compressed pixels, whereas image wrapping enables viewing the image without pixel compression. You can change the transparency level of ArtSage from Slideshow -> Transparency -> Opacity.

To view an interface free slideshow, choose the Crop option from context menu. This option is also provided by another novel image viewer, called Roboreader, which is quite handy for viewing comics. To get a stylish collage view of selected images, choose a folder and select Collage from right-click menu


ArtSage is a lightweight image viewer with it’s own set of image viewing features. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download ArtSage

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