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What Is BCSSync.exe Process? Business Connectivity Services Client Cache

Recently I got an email from the reader asking about a new start up item running called BCSSync.exe /DelayServices. Before we talk about BCSSync.exe process, you should know about Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Business Connectivity Services(BCS). BCS uses a cache to store copy of external data that is required by BCS solutions that are deployed on Office client applications.

According to Microsoft, “The cache enables external data to be automatically copied on the client and managed for real-time access, with automatic data synchronization between the cache and the external application.”

And what makes this possible? BCSSync.exe process which runs on client computers. In layman’s term, it is BCSSync.exe that is responsible for providing automatic cache refresh and data sync.

There are two benefits of using this cache, faster data access and ability to work when the connectivity to external system is slow or disconnected.

What will happen when BCSSync.exe process is stopped from running on startup? It won’t effect your system except that the ability to sync and cache external data will be killed. To stop it from running on startup, go to Start Search, type msconfig and hit Enter. In the System Configuration dialog window, head over to Startup tab and uncheck Microsoft Office 2010(as shown in the screenshot above).

For those who want to know? BCSSync.exe is given inside the Office14 folder. Be warned, deleting this item might result in Office 2010 failure.


Note: BCSSync.exe is part of SharePoint Server 2010 which is part of Office 2010 suit. If you don’t have Office 2010 installed, you won’t encounter this process.

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