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Outlook 2010: Download Images Automatically

Outlook 2010 does not download images automatically when you receive a new email, for security reasons. Lets see how we can change the default settings of Outlook 2010, so that every image is download automatically when a new email arrives.

Click the Office button and choose Options.

Outlook 2010 Options

Locate and click the Trust Center in the left side menu bar.

Trust Center

Hit the Trust Center Settings button.

Trust Center Settings

Uncheck the Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items option.

Trust Center Outlook 2010 Click OK and you are done. Now every email that arrive in your inbox will have images downloaded with them as well, this might slow down the overall download process if you are on a slow internet connection.


  1. Try resetting IE: Tools – Internet options – Advanced – Reset – check Deleted Personal Settings. Relaunch Outlook.

    • I want to thank you for suggesting this. I have spent hours trying to find the answer to my blocked images in Outlook 2010. I was ready to pull my hair out but thanks to your savvy wisdom I did what you suggested and it worked. All my HTML messages now have their images restored. I can’t thank you enough!!!!

  2. I went through the 2 BING Procedures 3 times to no avail. Both by Posted by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Outlook

  3. Darn it!! This doesn’t fix “no pictures” at all!  I can’t receive .png files, nor other photo file types.

  4. I use Outlook 2010 at home with Windows 7 and this worked for me. That was really getting annoying and I’m glad to have figured out how to resolve it. Thanks!

  5. I followed the instructions given above but my pictures or images still does not show up in my Outlook (2010).

  6. I love the screen shots used above most helpful. Unfortunately Microsoft, not so much! Ugh… I’ve tried the above a zillion times…. still not working. Only way I can view my html or emails with images is if I double click on the email to open it up, then click on Actions and then click on “View in Browser”… then a warning pops up that if viewed in the browser Outlook security settings don’t apply (but at least I can see the email as it was intented w/ photos). However, I’ve changed the security settings every which way and I STILL cannot get email to automatically show images. This is so frustrating and needed for work. Is my outlook glitched? I’m running Outlook 2010 Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I’ve added everyone to the safe list, turned off firewalls… it’s definitely an isolated Outlook 2010 issue that no one seems to have answers for. While I’m at it… some emails going back & forth change the font from 10pt to 72pt… quite embarrassing when sending important emails to clients. I wish MS would quit worrying about their exclusive seated position with using only their MS Word and such and make this expensive software user friendly for all. Makes me want to just say phooey with it all and go to Google Apps for everything.

    • I got same problem here. I got email and no images. But the line box image I see it just click in middle of it that pop up. Did you figure out get images from email?

    • Elisha, it looks like this is a bug with Outlook 2010 64bit.  This settings unfortunately gets ignored for RSS feeds.  You can choose to have your RSS feeds reformatted and emailed to you using 3rd party free websites.

      Google apps is definitely not a replacement for Office.  You basically get what you pay for.. clunky, “toy” applications that run in a web browser.  It’s not at all comparable to mature corporate standard software.  I certainly wouldn’t trust to do anything substantial in a web browser via wifi.

  7. We use Outlook 2010 at work and it is pulling images from somewhere for some of my contacts. I can’t figure out where it is pulling the images from.

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