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How To Import Contacts From Excel File To Outlook 2010

In so many situations, one needs to import contacts to Outlook from an Excel spreadsheet. Follow these simple steps to import contacts from an Excel Sheet in to Outlook 2010, the only pre-requisite is that your Excel sheet should be in the Comma Separated format.

Convert an Excel Sheet in to the CSV (Comma Separated Values) Format

Click the File Menu and choose the Save As option, browse and select the location to save the file, specify the name of the file and choose CSV from the Save as Type drop down box.

CSV Format

Importing a CSV File in to Outlook

Lets assume that we have converted the Excel sheet to the CSV format as mentioned above, now launch Outlook 2010, and click the Office button(File menu). Then click the Open option and choose Import.

Imprt Outlook 2010

Now in the Import and Export Wizard, choose the Import from another program or file option.

Imnport and Export

Click the Next button and choose the file type Comma Separated Values (Windows) and then click Next.

CSV Format Outlook 2010

Now browse and select the CSV file.

Import Excel 2010

Hit Next and select and choose the Destination Folder.

Destination Folder Outlook 2010

Finally confirm the action and hit the Finish button. Here you can change the destination as well.

Import Outlook 2010 Final Step

Your Excel sheet contacts will be imported to your destination folder. Enjoy!

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