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Outlook 2010: Enable Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) Option

If you wish to send an email to someone secretly and don’t want the other recipients of the email to know this then you keep that person’s email address in the BCC field. The BCC field is disabled by default in Outlook 2010, lets see how to enable it.

Click the New Email option on the Ribbon and once the new email dialogue box is displayed, go to the Options tab.

Outlook 2010 Option

Now in the Show fields category, click the the BCC option to enable it.

Outlook 2010 BCC

The BCC field will be added to your message.

BCC Outlook 2010


  1. Rather annoying having to go through the steps every time BCC is used. No setting to automatically have the BCC show when a new message is composed?

    • I suggest putting it on the quick access toolbar. It’s still annoying you can’t have it always show but at least it’s a one-click operation

    • I followed these steps once, and it set my preference so that now the BCC field is always there when I create a new message.

  2. Navigate the ribbon by holding Alt then tapping h (home), then click n for new mail
    when the new mail options hold alt again and tap p (for options) then b for bcc

  3. Shannon: did you not understand his complaint? He can’t see well (or at all). These easy instructions are not so easy if you can’t see where to click. If there are keyboard shortcuts, I think there are sighted and less-sighted individuals who would appreciate knowing them.

    • A more polite way of saying that would simply be to ask about keyboard commands, and explain that people with visual impairments need them. It’s always better to kindly educate people than criticize them for not being all-knowing.

  4. I don’t like this because it fails to give keyboard commands for the steps. Too sighted in my opinion and lacks appreciation for blind users.

    • Wow! He gave you an extremely easy to follow step-by-step option that only takes about 2 seconds to use. You are impossible to please. Next time try to figure it out on your own and see how well you do.

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