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Windows 7 In A Box Is An All-In-One Tool

Are you one of those users who have upgraded from Windows XP or any other OS to Windows 7? Chances are that you will be frustrated to find various features, settings, programs, and build-in tools. While you take a week to get familiarized with Windows 7, Windows 7 In A Box can help in the meantime.

It is a simple app developed for novice users so that they can quickly access everything without have to go on a hunt to find a specific feature. Having said that, I believe it can also come handy to those who hate going through various steps to access a feature.

On the top you will find six menus – Functions, Folders, Internet Settings, Programs, Tools, and Settings. Click each menu and you will see various options and sub-options listen neatly.

Windows 7 in a box

Download Windows 7 In A Box

Suppose a situation where your mother, wife, uncle, friend, etc ask for the location of a specific function, all you need to do is send them this tool and ask them to locate it under the correct menu instead of having to follow them through tedious steps. Imagine how easy it can make your life. It is a portable tool and can be run from a USB drive. Enjoy!


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