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Windows Memory Management And Analysis Tool

If you are a developer wondering which process takes which part of the memory and want to get a detailed information on it, VMMap is for you. It is an official tool from Microsoft Sysinternals that can analyze both virtual and physical memory for each selected process, thus, giving developers a complete technical information.

It can analyze the live processes and show the detailed process memory map. It can help developers reduce the memory usage of their applications by studying the memory usage of both Windows and 3rd party application processes. In short, it is a tool coded by the developers for developers.

To begin, first select the process that you want to analyze and hit OK.

Process Selection

You will now see the summary with the type of memory, size, committed memory, and more crucial information. The working set is displayed along with an option to empty it(given under Refresh menu).

Windows 7 Working Memory Sets

If you plan to develop an application for Windows 7 or want to optimize it, give this app a shot to better understand the memory usage.

Download VMMap


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