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Windows 7 Security: What’s New ?

Microsoft is very confident in boasting that Windows 7 is the one of the safest operating systems. Windows 7 has enhanced many features from Windows Vista, some noteworthy improvements have been made to Windows 7’s Security. Lets see what’s new in Windows 7 security.

Please note that we are making a comparison between Windows 7 and Vista in terms of both enhancements to existing security features as well as new additions.

Action Center

Action Center is a centralized place which provides useful information regarding system maintenance, security, and troubleshooting. It provides different types of notifications, reports about any issues in the system, and assists in troubleshoot problems. Action Center is being considered as one of the best perks of Windows 7.  It is located  under Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center .

Action Center Read the detailed review here.

Enhanced User Account Control (UAC)

This feature was first introduced in Windows Vista, UAC becomes annoying as whenever you try to install a new software, a dialog box pops up asking you to have the administrative rights to install the software. Windows 7 has enhanced this feature and now it has reduced the number of operating system applications that need administrative privileges and thus the standard users are prompted for administrative privileges far less than ever before. In case you still want to get rid of it, there is an option to disable it as well.


As you know that running any unauthorized software can cause a real security threat to your system, so Windows 7 has introduced a great feature called Applocker which lets you create rules that govern the way in which respective users can install and run programs in the system. You can use this feature in Windows 7 to prevent unauthorized software from running and thus this results in better system security and performance.


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System Restore

The System Restore feature has long been used as a security tool. In Windows 7 it includes many advanced options, for e.g, it allows users to choose the restore points and to restore the system to an earlier point in time in case of some disaster situation. It is the best tool which is available in Windows 7 with respect to system recovery and security. You can also read our detailed article on Windows 7 System Restore.


You can adopt as many security enhancements as you wish, but what if some one steals data from your hard drive? Don’t worry, Windows 7 has a solution for this as well. Windows 7 protects your drives with the help of the Bit Locker technique and even in the case of a stolen or lost disk your data will not be accessible to any unauthorized person. For full details regarding how to encrypt your drive to prevent unauthorized access to your data, read our guide here.



Microsoft deserves a round of applause for their effort, as we can see that Windows 7 is no doubt much more secure than the older versions of Windows. Even though they have increased the security, there will still be some critics who would blame Microsoft every now and then. What do you think about Windows 7’s Security? Do you think Microsoft did a great job or should they have done more? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy!

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