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UsefulSaver – Screensaver That Shows Useful System Information

Screensavers are useful but most people use it only for the purpose of displaying eye-candy pictures, animations, and so on. UsefulSaver wants to change all that by displaying important system information instead. It can help administrators keep check on their system even when Windows is locked.

You can write a custom text, change the colors, enable ScreenWash, and set it up on multiple monitors. For those who don’t know, ScreenWash is a feature that help prevent LCD burn-in.

The screensaver shows the following system information; CPU/Memory, Disk Activity, Top 5 Processes, and Disk Space. The time, day, and date are also displayed at the center of the screensaver.


By default you will find some religious text which can be changed by going to Screensaver settings.

Custom Screensaver Text

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the screensavers are available. We tested it successfully on Windows 7.

For more, also check out Flickr Screensaver, a tool that can display your Flickr photos as screensaver.

Download UsefulSaver

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