100 Best Mac Apps Of Year 2012

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Another year has gone by and it’s been a good one for OS X apps. Continuing our tradition from previous years, here is a list of some the best apps we covered during the last one. 2012 was split between two versions of OS X; Lion and Mountain Lion. Each of these versions had their own share of features that inspired developers to create apps. We came across a fair number of Mac apps meant to deal with the problems users experienced when they upgraded to Mountain Lion. Apart from these OS-centric apps, we reviewed the usual utilities for everyday work; productivity apps, music players, to-do lists managers, system tweakers and more. With the new year now in full swing, you might want to see if a little something from last year will help you enjoy a better user experience.

1. Sleep No More (Easily delay OS X Mountain Lion system & display sleep by set time)

Sleep No More 100 Best Mac Apps Of Year 2012View in gallery

2. Now Playing (Get a “Now Playing” alert from iTunes in Notification Center)

now playingView in gallery

3. Hiss (Reroute Growl alerts to OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center)

Hiss notificationView in gallery

4. Blue Butler (Have your Mac Shut Down, Logout or more when a Bluetooth device is in/out of range)

Blue ButlerView in gallery

5. Ripcorder Screen (Record multiple Mac screens with highlighted clicks and no time limitations)

Ripcorder-free-Screen-Recorder-for-MacView in gallery

6. Nitro (Simple OS X to-do list app that syncs to Dropbox & Ubuntu One)

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7. Should I Sleep (Keep Mac display awake while you’re in front of the webcam)

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8. Any Send (Share files between Macs over WiFi from the Menu Bar)

Any SendView in gallery

9. Eggy (Use keyboard shortcuts to tweet, update Facebook & send messages in OS X)

EggyView in gallery

10. iSnap (Get Windows 7 Aero snap / snap-to-side & shake-to-minimize features on Mac)

iSnap snap windowView in gallery

11. Desktop Groups Lite (A Fences-like desktop organizer for Mac OS X)

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12. Cappuccino (An elegant Google Reader client that lets you read, manage & share feeds)

CappuccinoView in gallery

13. Pocket (Formerly Read It Later; lets you bookmark web articles and strips them of website theme and ads for clutter-free offline reading)

PocketView in gallery

14. Found (Desktop search for Dropbox, Google Drive & Gmail files)

FoundView in gallery

15. Flutter (Play/pause iTunes or Spotify with hand gestures in front of the webcam)

flutterView in gallery

16. CleanMyDrive (Remove DS_Store & Thumbs.db from mounted drives for clutter-free cross-platform file transfer)

CleanMyDriveView in gallery

17. CornerClick (Assign any app, file or action to Hot Corners in Mac)

CornerClick hot cornerView in gallery

18. iClapper (Clap to control iTunes or trigger any action)

iClapper notificationView in gallery

19. Launch it! (Open multiple apps & websites with a single keyboard shortcut)

Launch it add appView in gallery

20. Exhaust (Login items manager that lets you set apps launch delay & quit interval)

exhaust mainView in gallery

21. Grooveshark Player (Enjoy Grooveshark’s web interface on your Mac desktop)

Grooveshark PlayerView in gallery

22. iClouDrive (Sync files between Macs through iCloud the Dropbox/iDisk Way)

iClouDriveView in gallery

23. Amelita (Use context menu options from the Mac Menu Bar)

AmelitaView in gallery

24. Hot Mouse Flower (A hotkey-triggered virtual keyboard for OS X)

Hot Mouse FlowerView in gallery

25. Collections (Desktop viewer & editor for Google Docs & Instagram)

collections Google DocsView in gallery

26. ReFind (A bookmarking app for your frequently-accessed folders)

ReFindView in gallery

27. Right Zoom (Get Windows-like maximize behavior in Mac)

Right Zoom  appsView in gallery

28. Rename (Edit file names & add Spotlight comments in bulk)

RenameView in gallery

29. Tagit (Easily add tags to files/folders, search exclusively by tags)

TagitView in gallery

30. CheatSheet (View a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for any app)

CheatSheetView in gallery

31. Simplayfy (Search music & control iTunes from the Menu Bar)

Simplayfy View in gallery

32. Ctrl Alt Delete (Quickly view all active apps & background processes and force-quit them)

Ctrl Alt DeleteView in gallery

33. Snip (Region-centric screenshot tool that lets you add text & shapes to your snaps)

Snip drawView in gallery

34. SlideMode (SlideMode makes it easier to select text with the trackpad using a hotkey and two finger swipe)

SlideModeView in gallery

35. Mashduo (Compare iTunes libraries & export a list of missing songs)

Mashduo optionsView in gallery

36. InsomniaX (Disable sleep on idle or lid close while on battery or AC)

InsomniaXView in gallery

37. MagicPrefs (Modify what apple magic mouse & trackpad gestures do)

Mac Trackpad preferencesView in gallery

38. ShowOrHide (View hidden files without using terminal command)

ShowOrHideView in gallery

39. Booknote Importer (Save bookmarks to an Evernote notebook)

Booknote ImporterView in gallery

40. SocialShoutings (Post to Twitter & Facebook in one go)

SocialShoutings LiteView in gallery

41. Boxerapp (Import and play any DOS game on your Mac)

Boxerapp libraryView in gallery

42. SyncDifferent (Sync files between as many folders as you want)

SyncDifferentView in gallery

43. Chaperone (Track time spent on tasks & the apps used to do them)

Chaperones new taskView in gallery

44. CryptoDock (Free encryption tool that lets you set a unique decryption key for each file)

CryptoDockView in gallery

45. AmbiLauncher Lite (Launch any app or script by moving the mouse over left edge of screen)

AmbiLauncher Lite peferencesView in gallery

46. TunesTEXT (View & edit lyrics of iTunes tracks and embed them into songs)

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 10.14.06 AMView in gallery

47. iConvert (Convert videos, extract audio & send them to iTunes)

iconvert 2View in gallery

48. Broomstick (Hide & reorder third-party Mac apps’ Menu Bar icons)

broomstick mainView in gallery

49. Cloak (Secure untrusted/public internet connections)

preferencesView in gallery

50. Maintenance (Run system optimization & cleaning and rebuild tasks in one go)

maintanance 3View in gallery

51. File Viewer (File viewer for 60 audio, video, image, web and text file formats)

File Viewer openView in gallery

52. Commenteer (Add comments to all files in a folder at once)

Commenteer preferencesView in gallery

53. TinkerTool (Tweak Mac Lion default tools, UI elements & overall usage)

tinker toolView in gallery

54. XtraFinder (Adds several useful file & folder options to Mac Finder)

XtraFinder optionsView in gallery

55. Todoist (A simple project & task organizer for your desktop)

Todoist tasksView in gallery

56. Screensaver + Free (Lock screen replacement with pattern unlock that supports mouse input)

Screensaver   freeView in gallery

57. Notifications for Facebook (View & access Facebook notifications from the Menu Bar)

Notifications for Facebook alertsView in gallery

58. SmoothCursor (Set different acceleration for mouse & trackpad)

SmoothCursor preferencesView in gallery

59. TopHat Folders Menu Lite (Access your favorite & most used folders from Menu Bar)

TopHat Folders MenuView in gallery

60. DropboxAppSync (Sync app data across systems through Dropbox)

DropboxAppSyncView in gallery

61. Lock Me Now (Use an easy keyboard shortcut to lock your screen)

Lock Me NowView in gallery

62. SmartStop (Automatically stop and resume iTunes playback when headphones are unplugged and plugged back in respectively)

SmartStopView in gallery

63. LaunchOnTime (Schedule apps to launch at a specified time)

LaunchOnTimeView in gallery

64. InstantPhotoColor (Color images without losing their details)

InstantPhotoColor before afterView in gallery

65. iFileX (Easier way to search files by name, size, modification & creation date)

iFileX search resultsView in gallery

66. iTweaX (Tweak hidden Mac OS X features & run maintenance procedures)

iTweaX tweak finderView in gallery

67. UpShot (Upload screenshots from OS X to your public Dropbox folder)

UpShot preferencesView in gallery

68. Slate (Rearrange windows to a previously recorded layout)

slateView in gallery

69. Intelligent Scissors (Remove photobombers & unwanted items from your photos)

Intelligent ScissorsView in gallery

70. Grandview (A completely distraction-free writing pad for the easily distracted)

GrandviewView in gallery

71. Plaster (Easily set any image as a folder’s icon)

Plaster removeView in gallery

72. MovieShare (Wirelessly copy videos between Macs & iOS devices with ease)

MovieShareView in gallery

Paid Apps

1. Unclutter (Get an omnipresent clipboard, file storage area & notepad)

UnclutterView in gallery

2. iDesktop (Group different files on each desktop space in Mac)

iDesktopView in gallery

3. Cream (Compact RSS reader with Instapaper, Pocket & Readability support)

CreamView in gallery

4. Replacr (Simply drag and drop multiple TXT and RTF files to find & replace text in them)

Replacr textView in gallery

5. Multi Monitor Wallpaper (Crop, stretch & set a single background across multiple Mac displays)

wallpaper-extend-2View in gallery

6. Simple ShutDown Timer (Schedule Mac shutdown, restart & sleep)

Simple ShutDown TimerView in gallery

7. Desktop Tidy (Clean files from desktop & sort into folders according to format or age)

Desktop TidyView in gallery

8. CloudPlay (Search & play music from iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud right from the Menu Bar)

CloudPlayView in gallery

9. Flv Crunch (Audio/video converter with a unique crop feature)

Flv Crunch cropView in gallery

10. Precise Screenshot (Create a pixel-precise frame for taking screenshots)

Precise ScreenshotView in gallery

11. Disk Scope (View per library/directory storage usage in Mac)

Disk Scope scanView in gallery

12. PDF Toolkit (Compress PDFs, extract text and images in different sizes)

PDF Toolkit interfaceView in gallery

13. Windownaut (Allows excellent window arrangement via keyboard shortcuts)

layoutsView in gallery

14. Mailsum (Email client that tells you how well you handle your mail)

MailsumView in gallery

15. Scrapbook (Clipboard manager that remembers copied items even after system restart)

Scrapbook FolderView in gallery

16. ReSpaceApp (Provides easier desktop spaces navigation & window management)

ReSpaceAppView in gallery

17. Snapheal (One of the best tools out there to retouch & remove unwanted objects from images)

Snapheal eraseView in gallery

18. HyperPDF (Magazine reader that mimics iPad’s reading experience)

HyperPDFView in gallery

19. Instant (Add Instagram-like filters to your images)

Instant shootView in gallery

20. Nifty (Create custom, global shortcuts for various app-specific functions)

Nifty buttonsView in gallery

21. Lock Your Screen (The mothership of screen lock apps for Mac)

Lock Your Screen lockedView in gallery

22. App Zap (Completely remove apps & all files associated with them)

App Zap app filesView in gallery

23. Dammit (Speed dial to open stacks of apps, files or folders)

DammitView in gallery

24. Gemini (Scan for and clean duplicate files & folders from your system)

Gemini  scanView in gallery

25. iRamDisk (Create virtual RAM disks in Mac & mount as drives)

iRamDiskView in gallery

26. Mindful (View the day’s iCal events & reminders on the desktop)

MindfulView in gallery

27. HardwareGrowler (Displays hardware & network change notifications)

HardwareGrowler hardwareView in gallery

28. File Storage Companion (Transfer files from Mac to iOS over Wi-Fi without using iTunes)

File-Storage-CompanionView in gallery

So which of the lot are your favorites? Did you find any apps that didn’t know about? Let us know in the comments if you feel we’ve left anything out.

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