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50 Best Cydia Tweaks & Apps Of 2012


Overall, 2012 wasn’t a great year for fans of the Cydia store. A good chunk of the year was spent waiting for that elusive iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, which hasn’t arrived to date, and it was in 2012 that iOS users first started wondering whether there will ever be a new jailbreak. Fortunately, the pace of Cydia’s growth hasn’t seemed to slacken one bit, and new tweaks have been coming out just the way they always have. Apple paid a silent tribute to some of the best tweaks from last year by incorporating their features into iOS 6, but the tweaks that were released this year made sure that they took the game to the next level. Since some of the real gems might have slipped under your radar, here is a compilation of the best Cydia tweaks and apps that we covered in the in 2012.


1. Universal Video Downloader (Lets you download any online video stream being played within any app)

Universal Video Downloader iOS Notification Universal Video Downloader iOS Name

2. SwipeBack (Adds a simple swipe gesture for going back one step within all iOS apps)

SwipeBack iPhone

3. GO SMS (The famous Android messaging app came to the Cydia store this year with quick-reply notification pop-ups and beautiful themes)

GO SMS iOS 5 Threads GO SMS iOS 5 Settings

4. iCleaner (Get some extra storage space on your iPhone by letting this app remove junk from the file system)

iCleaner iCleaner

5. VSNotifications (Reads aloud entire notifications and speaks predefined text upon certain system actions)

VSNotifications Settings VSNotifications VSNotifications Service

6. 360MobileSafe (Privacy app with call blocking, anti-theft and network monitoring options)

360MobileSafe System Clean 360MobileSafe Anti-Theft 360MobileSafe Network Test

7. SlyCam (A mini-camera within the Notification Center for covert photography)

SlyCam SlyCam Closed

8. Zeppelin (Use a logo of your choice in place of carrier name in the status bar)

9. NotiQuiet (Disables all notifications every time you are using select apps)

NotiQuiet NotiQuiet App List

10. BrowserChooser (Set Chrome or any other iOS browser as your default choice for opening links from other apps)

Ryan Petrich Repo BrowserChooser BrowserChooser Settings Menu

11. MultiTunes (Never have your iPhone’s data wiped by iTunes accidentally ever again. This tweak makes sure you get to sync your device with as many iTunes libraries as you want.)

MultiTunes iPhone12. AccountChanger (Perfect for switching quickly between multiple Apple IDs in the App Store)

AccountChanger iOS

13. StatusBulletin (Convert banner notifications to ticker-like notifications that appear only within the status bar and show the complete content of each notification)

StatusBulletin Before StatusBulletin Settings StatusBulletin After

14. Sara (A complete Siri alternative for older iOS devices)

Sara Voice Sara Text Sara Settings

15. SiriToggles (Launch apps and toggle system options via Siri)

Siri Commands

16. MusicGestures (Playback and navigation gestures for the stock Music app)

MusicGestures Cydia MusicGestures Actions MusicGestures iPod

17. Overachiever (Instantly unlock all Game Center achievements for any game)

OverAchiever GameCenter OverAchiever Game List

18. MissionBoard (Gesture-activated, graphical App Switcher)

MissionBoard Cydia MissionBoard Settings MissionBoard iOS

19. Go Desk (Panoramic and interactive live wallpapers for iOS)

Go Desk iOS Animation

20. Custom NC Background (Set any image as the Notification Center’s backdrop)

Notification Center Custom Background Custom NC Background

21. Vuziq (Use any video from YouTube as a video ringtone of sorts for incoming calls)

Vuziq Home Vuziq Video Ringtone

22. SBUtility (Edit the appearance of folders, SpringBoard and icons)

SBUtility Springboard SBUtility Lockscreen

23. IconRotator (Get landscape mode on the SpringBoard)

iPhone Springboard Landcape IconRotator

24. Plugication (Restarts music playback whenever earphones are plugged in after accidental disconnect)

Plugication iPhone

25. Bars (Get a higher level of accuracy in the signal strength indicator)

Bars iOS Cydia

26. DisableNC Switch (Prevents Notification Center from showing up while you are running full screen apps)

DisableNC Switch Cydia DisableNC Switch Settings DisableNC Switch iOS

27. Lorem (Clear a single notification from the Notification Center rather than the whole group)

Dismiss Individual Notifications

28. PersistentAssistant (With this tweak, you don’t have to hit the Siri button after each command and response)

Hadsfree Siri

29. Safari Download Enabler (Although this tweak is not a complete download manager for Safari, it does let users grab any file regardless of its format. The downloaded files can then be opened in iFile or with other compatible apps.)

Safari Download Enabler menu Safari Download Enabler

30. SMS Stats (Tells you the total number of texts you have sent from your iPhone, and shows messaging stats for individual contacts)

SMS Stats iOS General SMS Stats iOS Last Month SMS Stats iOS Friends

31. AddNote (Quickly export text from anywhere to the stock Notes app)

AddNote For Action Menu AddNote For Action Menu Icon AddNote For Action Menu Settings

32. Activoice (Launch Google Voice Search, Goggles and text search using any Activator gesture of your choice)

Activoice Settings33. Pull to Dismiss (Quickly hide the keyboard with a simple gesture)

Pull To Dismiss

34. iSounds (Associate predefined or custom sounds with different system actions like system startup, app launch, etc.)

iSounds Home iSounds Custom

35. AppCent (View the exact download percentage of apps rather than relying on the progress bar)

iOS App Download Percentage

36. Protect My Privacy (Whenever apps try to access your personal information, this tweak feeds them false information to protect your privacy)

Protect My Privacy Protect My Privacy Cydia Protect My Privacy Settings


1. Imperium (A beautiful App Switcher alternative with system toggles and app shortcuts)

Imperium Task Switcher Imperium Settings Toggles Imperium App List

2. Bridge (Add files to stock Music and Videos apps by downloading them directly from Mail or Safari; no need for iTunes or any other desktop tool)

Bridge iOS Instructions Bridge iOS Song Bridge iOS URL

3. CameraTweak (Add time-lapse, capture delay, independent focus and exposure, frame rate selection and several grid overlays in the stock Camera app)

CameraTweak iOS Cam Options CameraTweak iOS Grid

4. AnyLock (Add app shortcuts and widgets to the lock screen)

AnyLock Lock Screen AnyLock Settings

5. Dashboard X (A platform for third-party lock screen and home screen widgets)

Dashboard X Springboard Dashboard X Dock

6. BrowseInApp (Opens external links in apps without navigating away to a browser)

BrowseInApp Settings BrowseInApp Options BrowseInApp Browser

7. Deck (Get a side bar filled with extra app shortcuts and system toggles on the home screen)

Deck_Cydia_Tweak (13) Deck_Cydia_Tweak (7)

8. Attachments+ (Preview almost all major file types within the stock Mail app. The tweak also lets you attach files straight from iFile.)

Attachments  for Mail Attachments  for Mail Action Menu

9. Switchy (Doubles the height of App Switcher to accommodate more icons and system shortcuts)

Switchy App Switcher Switchy Music Switchy Clear Apps

10. Unlockize (Adds gorgeous unlocking animations to the lock screen)

Fold to Unlock iOS Horizontal Blinds Unlock iOS Slice to Unlock iOS

11. AnimateAll (Set animated wallpapers as lock screen, home screen and/or Notification Center bacground)

AnimateAll Settings AnimateAll Home AnimateAll NC

12. Messages2PDF (Create a backup of all your SMS threads in the form of a PDF file that can be exported via email)

Messages2PDFMessages2PDF File GenerateMessages2PDF Mail

13. ImmediateSend (Tap on notification banners to reply to texts from anywhere without opening the stock Messages app)

ImmediateSend Settings ImmediateSend Lock Screen ImmediateSend NC

14. Timer Options (Like Tasker for iOS; lets you schedule system actions and other tasks and can be toggled using Activator gestures)

Timer Options Settings Timer Options 1 Timer Options 2

We’re sure some of the features offered by these tweaks and apps will make their way to future updates of iOS, but there will always be something new that can be brought to the table by Cydia. Let’s just hope someone can come up with an untethered jailbreak exploit for one or more iOS 6-supported devices in the near future.

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  1. Just recently jailbreak my phone in WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM
    All I can say is that, this is the best jailbreak ever. It just took me 5 minutes. Now it’s time for me to get some tweaks and apps. I’ll definitely get this one. 🙂

  2. I would like to get a response from the author of this post since the comments are always a barren wasteland..I haven’t been up to date with jailbreaking as I moved on to Android but I read an article where Instalous is dead. Is that true? Is it dead for only a few phones? Does Cydia work for all iOS devices?

    • yes it’s true installous is dead but zeusmos and ipastore and good replacements and yes for the more part cydia does work on most devices if there is a jailbreak out for that device…

    • Installous is dead for everyone. The service has been shut down by the people who used to run it. And in a nutshell, Cydia works (on varying iOS versions) on all devices except iPhone 5.

    • iPhone 5 comes preloaded with iOS 6, and there’s no public jailbreak available for that particular combination just yet.

    • Thanks for responding. Jailbreaking isn’t as hard as how it used to be, going to miss installous. :/

    • That was included in our 2011 list. You should check that out here: https://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/20-best-cydia-tweaks-of-year-2011/

    • Zephyr was in last year’s list

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