85 Best iPhone & iPad Apps Of Year 2011 [Editor’s Pick]

iOS fans spent a large part of 2011 anticipating the launch of the next model of iPhone, which turned out to be the iPhone 4S. Apple also released iOS 5, which brought many game-changing new features to the platform. 2011 saw the rise of Siri as well, the personal voice assistant that quickly became every 4S user’s favorite feature of the phone. To complement the awesome changes iOS went through during the course of the year, a lot of really good apps were released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. During 2011, quite a few of these came to our attention, and here is a list of what we thought were the best of the lot.

Editor’s Note: All apps except for the ones that have a price mentioned in their descriptions are free. If you happen to find a paid app that doesn’t have its price mentioned, do let us know.

1. Skype for iPad (Free video, voice calls and chat)

Skype Video Call Chat 85 Best iPhone & iPad Apps Of Year 2011 [Editors Pick]View in gallery

2. Path (A social network to share your memories and daily routine with your closest friends and loved ones)

IMG 0007 85 Best iPhone & iPad Apps Of Year 2011 [Editors Pick]View in gallery IMG_0014View in gallery IMG_0011View in gallery

3. Evernote Hello (A new way to save contact info along with a log of your meetings with them)

Evernote Hello iOS Contact CardView in gallery Evernote Hello iOS SyncView in gallery

4. Flipboard (The popular news reader, now available for iPhone and iPod touch)

Flipboard iPhone PicksView in gallery Flipboard iPhone HomepageView in gallery

5. Dolphin Browser (Popular third-party Android browser with webzines, gesture based & Chrome-like tabbed browsing)

Page-actionsView in galleryMenu-bar-(right)View in gallery

6. exfm (Official exfm client for iOS; social networking for music fans)

Noting-a-songView in galleryNow-Playing-Screen-With-iPod-Controls IntegrationView in gallery

7. Google+ (The official iOS client for Google+)

Google   iPad HomeView in galleryGoogle   PostsView in gallery

8. TinyChat (Simultaneous video chat with up to 12 Facebook friends)

TinyChatView in galleryFacebook-Video-Chat-With-12-Friends---TinyChat-for-iPhone,-iPadView in gallery

9. IM+ Video (Instant messaging, photo sharing and video chat with Facebook friends)

Video CallView in gallery IM  Video ChatView in gallery

10. Magic Hour (Lets you apply photo filters, edit existing filters or create your own from scratch; has a massive online filter repository)

Choosing-filtersView in galleryApplying-filtersView in gallery

11. Prey (Feature-rich anti-theft app that lets you track your stolen iPhone, iPad & iPod touch with ease)

Prey for iOSView in gallery Prey iOS SettingsView in gallery

12. Evernote Food (Share what you ate and where you ate it)

IMG_0022View in gallery IMG_0031View in gallery

13. My Xbox Live (Microsoft’s official Xbox Live app for iOS)

XBOX Spotlight Gallery iOSView in gallery

14. Google Currents (Google’s sleek new news aggregator)

Google-Currents-Android-Landscape1View in gallery

15. SimpleDrop (Sync data & stream media from your iOS device to your desktop or even Android devices)

SimpleDrop DevicesView in gallery SimpleDrop MenuView in gallery

16. iShortcuts (Pin any Settings shortcut to home screen; you can call it SBSettings for non-jailbroken iDevices)

iShortcuts HomepageView in gallery iShortcuts Icon PageView in gallery

17. Waze (Navigation made easy with feedback about routes & traffic from fellow users)

Waze ReportsView in gallery Waze MenuView in gallery

18. OneNote (Microsoft’s official iPad client for OneNote, lets you sync notes with SkyDrive)

IMG_0729View in gallery

19. ZeroPC (Cloud data aggregator; view & access all your cloud data from one place)

Zero-PC-Cloud-Navigator-Android-HomeView in gallery

20. Stamped (Rate everything around you and earn credibility with experience)

Stamped FeedView in gallery Stamped CommentsView in gallery

21. Podio (Manage all aspects of a project, collaborate with colleagues and keep track of work progress)

PodioView in galleryTasksView in gallery

22. Quora (Follow topics of interests, and get answers to relevant questions)

Quora QuestionsView in gallerySuggested TopicsView in gallery

23. Moquu (Create GIF animations, add effects to them and share)

Photo EffectsView in galleryMoquu TVView in gallery

24. CardFlick (Create business cards, and flick them across the screen to share them with people near you)

CardFlickView in galleryCardFlick FlickingView in gallery

25. Facebook for iPad (The much-awaited dedicated iPad client for Facebook)

New Image5View in gallery

26. Cards (Create custom greeting cards, get them printed and sent to an address of your choice)

Cards iOS 5 ThemeView in gallery

27. Find My Friends (Keep track of the current locations of your friends)

Find My Friends iOS5View in gallery

28. Strimz (Stream your videos live to your Facebook Wall)

Strimz-Android-Facebook-WebView in gallery

29. SkyDrive (Microsoft’s official SkyDrive client for iOS)

sky drive travelsView in gallery sky drive documentsView in gallery

30. SportCaster (Sports news, scores, live tweets & more)

View in galleryView in gallery

31. Movie360 (Shoot videos with real-time filters)

Movie360 Sketch Effect Video Recording iPhoneView in gallery

32. Evernote Skitch for iPad (Add footnotes and annotations to maps, photos or webpages)

Skitch-for-iPad-Annotate-WebpagesView in gallery

33. LogMeIn [Free] (Remote desktop solution for iOS; remotely view & control your PC via your iDevice)

LogMeIn iOS AccessView in gallery LogMeIn iOS ViewView in gallery

34. Action Movie FX (Add awesome special effects like car crashes and missile attacks to videos with a few taps)

actioon fxView in gallery spcial fxView in gallery

35. Dotti Disposable Camera (Use your iDevice to take photos, get them printed & delivered to you)

Dotti-Disposable-Camera-iOS-Android-RollView in gallery

36. PDF+PDF lite (Open two PDF files side by side and annotate them with ease)

Annotating-MenuView in gallery

37. Web Scroll Capture (Take screenshots of the entire length of a webpage with a single tap)

Screen-shot-zoomed-inView in gallery

38. Zip Browser (Extract the contents of ZIP files on the go, open and share contained files)

Zip-Browser-for-iOSView in gallery

39. Remote Dictate (Speak to your iPhone 4S to get text typed on your desktop)

speaking in microphone-remote desktopView in gallery server settings Remote DictataeView in gallery

40. 500px (The official client for image hosting website 500px)

500px iPad FeedView in gallery

41. CloudOn (Use MS Office on your iPad; provides almost all the features of the desktop version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

CloudOn Office WordView in gallery

42. OnSay (Make free voice calls to your Twitter friends)

OnSayView in gallery OnSay Call MenuView in gallery

43. OurPad (iPad only: Lets you use multiple accounts for any mailing service or social network)

OurPadView in galleryOurPad AccountsView in gallery

44. Fonzi (Allows shared control of music being played on an iDevice; perfect for parties)

IMG_0662View in gallery IMG_0658View in gallery IMG_0660View in gallery

45. Hipstamatic Disposable (Allows real-time sharing of virtual disposable cameras with Facebook friends)

Hipstamatic-Disposable-for-iosView in gallery prints hipstamaticView in gallery

46. Fotopedia Wild Firends (Browse through, save and share wildlife photos from around the world)

fotopediaView in gallery

47. Unstuck (iPad only: Your virtual mentor for when the going gets tough)

IMG_0695View in gallery IMG_0703View in gallery

48. browsAR (Scan QR codes to view Facebook profiles in augmented reality)

QARView in gallery scanned picture browsARView in gallery

49. Alfred (Suggests eating places according to your preferences; learns with time)

Alfred-Android-StartView in gallery Alfred-Android-QuestionsView in gallery

50. SoundTracking (One of the most feature-rich music identification, discovery and sharing apps to date)

SoundTracking-Android-TrendingView in gallery SoundTracking-Android-PostView in gallery

51. Facebook Messenger (Officail standalone IM client for Facebook chat)

View in galleryView in gallery

52. Pho.to Lab (Easily the biggest collection of photo effects for iOS)

Pho.to LabView in gallery Pho.to Lab CropView in gallery Pho.to Lab EffectView in gallery

53. iTunes Trailers (View latest movie info, ratings and locate theaters near you)

Trailers iOS 5View in gallery

54. Gogobot (Helps you manage trips and create postcards with photos of your choice; lets you apply filters to photos)

Gogobot PostcardsView in galleryGogobot Nearby HubView in gallery

55. HipGeo (Create a blog of your travels, share with friends and view their posts)

HipGeo HomepageView in galleryHipGeo Profile PictureView in gallery

56. Roamz (Discover popular places near you based on social media activity)

Roamz InterestsView in galleryRoamz Popular FeedView in gallery

57. Greplin (Search through the content of all your cloud accounts and social networks)

Greplin iOS FeedsView in galleryGreplin iOS Other ServicesView in gallery

58. Astrid (Dictate to create reminders, and access them via cloud)

Astrid for iOSView in galleryAstrid for iOS ListsView in gallery

59. Batch (Upload multiple photos to Facebook & Twitter in one go)

Batch iOS SelectionView in galleryBatch iOS OptionsView in gallery

60. Orchestra (Task management app that lets you team up with social network friends to accomplish tasks)

orchestra to do iOSView in galleryorchestra to do iOS New TaskView in gallery

61. Livestand (iPad only: Yahoo’s official newsreader)

Livestand for iOS CategoryView in gallery

62. IntoNow (Developed by Yahoo; lets you discover TV shows and chat with fans of any show)

IntoNow For iPad ShowView in gallery

63. Oink (Rate everything around you and share the ratings with friends)

OinksView in gallery Oink PlacesView in gallery

64. Fanhattan (Purchase Movies & TV shows, chat with fans of a particular program)

Fanhattan for iPhone MoviesView in gallery Fanhattan for iPhone EpisodesView in gallery

65. Blippar (Augmented reality advertising app that overlays info and games over certain objects within the camera’s viewfinder)

Blippar Product CatalogueView in gallery Blippar CadburyView in gallery

66. iTriage (Discover health-related information and keep track of your medical issues)

iTriageView in gallery iTriage treatmentsView in gallery

67. HighlightCam Social (A comprehensive video editor)

HighlightCam-Social-Android-iOS-EffectsView in gallery HighlightCam-Social-Android-iOS-FeedView in gallery

68. TED (Get inspirational videos and talks on your iPhone)

Ted FeaturedView in gallery TED CategoriesView in gallery

69. JaxtrSMS (Send free text messages to any mobile number without SIM)

IMG_0197View in gallery Screenshot_2011-11-28-14-54-29View in gallery

70. Pixable (View photos & videos from Facebook arranged into feeds)

CategoriesView in galleryOwn PixsView in gallery

71. Songza (Stream playlists based on your mood or occasion)

SongzaView in galleryNow PlayingView in gallery

72. Meteoric (Resume-supported download manager for iOS)

Meteoric Browser ViewView in galleryMeteoric DownloadsView in gallery

73. Shutter Vox (Say “cheese” to snap photos)

Camera Vox 1View in galleryCamera Vox 2View in gallery

74. BookTrack (Adds sound effects & music to e-books based on the situation described in text)

BookTrack PausedView in gallery

75. GifBoom (Create & share GIF animations from photos or videos; view GIFs created by other users)

GifBoom PopularView in galleryGifBoom OptionsView in gallery

76. Forkly (Rate food items and discover popular dainties near you)

Featured FoodsView in galleryForkly CategoriesView in gallery

77. Play By AOL Music (Stream and share music, and listen to radio)

View in galleryView in gallery

78. Opuss (Share your creative writings publicly)

OpussView in gallery Opuss ComposeView in gallery

79. Cisco Connect Express (Allows you to remotely manage Cisco router settings)

02-Cisco-Connect-Express-Android-HomeView in gallery 06-Cisco-Connect-Express-Android-Connected-UsersView in gallery

80. Dragon Go! (Nuance’s accurate, comprehensive voice-controlled search engine)

Dragon-Go-Android-Welcome2View in galleryDragon-Go-Android-AskView in gallery

81. Adobe Reader (Official Adobe Reader client for iOS)

Adobe-Reader-For-iPhone-and-iPadView in gallery

82. IntouchID (Automatically syncs any changes made to your contact info with your friends’ address books)

intouchID ProfileView in gallery intouchID-RequestView in gallery

83. College T.A (A complete personal assistant for students)

RegistrarView in galleryAssignmentView in gallery

84. Snapseed ($4.99; iPad app of year 2011; feature-rich photo editing and styling app with an innovative and easy-to-use interface)

View in galleryView in gallery

85. TeamSpeak ($4.99; Official iOS client for Teamspeak 2 and Teamspeak 3; allows you to join channels for Push-to-Talk group voice chat with other users)

View in galleryView in gallery

Needless to say, we could not have included all the good apps that came out in 2011. The list consists of only those that were covered here at AddictiveTips. Do let us know in the comments section if your favorite app did not make its way in to the top 85.

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  • Lotusvball

    Please take 500px off.  It crashes constantly.

  • Lotusvball

    Please take 500px off.  It crashes constantly.

  • quite a few of the SS posted in this are apps running on Android

  • Snapseed is AWESOME!!!

  • Adam

    Those are all great apps but I feel like there is one
    missing. It is called DISH Remote Access and it allows me to access my DVR and
    Sling Adapter to stream all of my live TV channels as well as access, control
    and stream my DVR recordings. If I have access to 3g, 4g or WIFI I am ready to
    start streaming. DISH recently updated the iPad version and it now offers Video
    On Demand from HBO, Cinemax and other premium movie channels. As an employee I
    love that DISH is the only company to offer true TV Everywhere. What other app
    streams live TV where ever you go?

  • amh

    Wunderlist.  We have it on our macs at home, my iphone and my husband’s ipad – all synced.  It’s easy to use, too.


    add best bb apps list also

  • Toby Richards

    If only President Bush had #27. Look closely at the location. I think it’s an easter egg in this article.