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Remotely Access Your PC Or Mac With LogMeIn For iPhone & iPad, Free Version Now Available!

LogMeIn is a tool that can be used to create a remote connection between one desktop computer and another, or between a desktop and a smartphone. Up until now, the iOS app for LogMeIn bore a price tag of $39.99, but – good news for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users – you can now use this amazing tool without having to pay a dime! LogMeIn has released a free version of its iOS client, which, despite having a few limitations, still has the potential to be termed one of the best free remote desktop solutions for the platform.

LogMeIn iOS LogMeIn iOS Access

The working of the app is pretty similar to its desktop version. After you have downloaded it, sign up for a LogMeIn account, and then install the desktop client on your PC (link given at the end of this post). However, before you can get things started, the service requires account verification. You will have received a verification mail at the email address you used to register yourself with the service. Once your account is verified, you may log in to your account from the app. What follows is the app’s homescreen, where all connected computers are displayed. Tap on a computer to start a remote access session with it. From within the app’s settings, you can set it to display all offline PCs on the homescreen as well.

LogMeIn iOS View LogMeIn iOS View Settings

Once you are inside a PC, you can control it in any way you want. The app allows the remote usage of mouse, keyboard and even logout options. It takes some time to get used to the LogMeIn client’s controls, but once you get the hang of it, using it feels really natural. The app comes with a bunch of options related to the live video stream of the accessed PC. You can choose screen resolution, network speed and color quality of the stream from the app’s Settings menu.

While the app is fully functional, it is missing some rather important features exclusive to the paid version. If you upgrade to LogMeIn pro (possible via an in-app purchase), you can stream videos from your PC, use AirPrint, access popular cloud services set up on the accessed system, and even manage the Photos app on another iPhone or iPad. The free version of LogMeIn should suffice for most users, but if you feel the need to have access to the full version’s features, and consider them worth the $39.99 price tag, then go for it.

Download LogMeIn (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch)

Download LogMeIn (Desktop)


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