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30 Best Windows Phone 7 Apps For Year 2011

Not many people were optimistic about the future of Windows Phone 7 when it was launched, and sure enough, the start to WP7’s smartphone life was shaky, to say the least. However, the interface, and the basic concept behind WP7, is so unique that it was bound to attract a lot of people. Even though it is still way behind iOS and Android in the smartphone race, the metro OS has really come of age with Mango, followed by a growing quantity of great apps added to the Marketplace in 2011. Here, we will take a look at some of the best WP7 apps covered by us during the course of the previous year.

1. Wiz Tiles (Customize Live Tiles and create themes for WP7 Start screen)

wiz tiles pink tiles image tiles

2. TuneWiki (Listen to songs, browse by artists, albums or lyrics and follow people with similar music interests)

top artisiosts tune wiki lyric-tune wiki

3. Image Map (Edit and view all the data related to your photos, including EXIF data)

Image Map Library Image Map Photo Details

4. FunShot (PhotoBooth-like app for Windows Phone 7, only for Samsung phones)

FunShot MultiFrame

5. SoundHound (Recognizes music being played anywhere, also recognizes humming)

SoundHound Listening SoundHound Detected Song

6. Recipe Shows (Video instructions for cooking just about any dish)

Recipe Shows List Recipe Shows Ingredients

7. Tango (Make free voice and video calls across multiple smartphone platforms)

Tango for WP7 Tango Call

8. Foodspotting (Lets you find restaurants, based on what you want to eat)

FoodspottingFoodspotting list

9. Stop The Music (A small, handy tweak that clears the volume bar of past music)

Stop The Music WP7

10. Myxer (The ultimate ringtone-finder for Mango)

Myxer for WP7 SearchMyxer for WP7 CategoriesMyxer for WP7 Popular

11. GeoReminder (Reminds you of a particular task when you are at a specific place)

Geo Reminders mapGeo RemindersGeo Reminders menu

12. PuriClub (Add photo frames, stamps and other effects to your pictures)

PuriClubPuriClub Stamp Collection

13. Traffic4All (Navigon’s navigation app that works through user feedback, letting people know of any hazards on a particular section of a road)

Traffic4allTraffic4all Timely Forecast

14. Yammer (A social network for business environments)

Yammer GroupsYammer My Feeds

15. Pulse (A beautifully laid-out newsreader, supports custom categories)

Pulse Newsreader

16. WhatsApp (The famous cross-platform messenger)


17. Tonido (Remotely access files from your computer, stream music from PC to WP7)

Tonido App Home ScreenTonido Directory View

18. AccuWeather (Beautiful weather app, hourly updates, activity suggestions)

AccuWeather Lifestyle

19. IM+ (Cross-platform messaging app with support for a plethora of IM services)

Integration ChoiceIM  Chat Screen

20. Music Cloud (Allows you to search for and stream songs from SoundCloud)

menu soundcloud playing soundcloud

21. easyTube (Removed for Google policy violation)

22. I’m A WP7 (A social network exclusive to Windows Phone users)

I'm A WP7Nearby Tab

23. Calorie Tracker (Lets you keep track of the amount of calories you have consumed each day)

LiveStrong's CTLSCT Calorie Chart

24. Poynt (Find out every useful place near you with ease)

Poynt StartupPoynt Home

25. App Flow (App discovery platform for Windows Phone 7)

HomepageApp Flow list

26. Kik Messenger (Cross-platform messenger with a light interface)

Kik ProfileKik Chat

27. 8Tracks (Listen to playlist of songs according to your mood or occasion)

Categories Mix

28. TripIt (A comprehensive travel planner for WP7)

Plan CategoriesTrip Details

29. 1App Budget (An app that caters for all your financial record-keeping needs)


30. Compass VO (Compass app with multiple skins)

Compass VO Rose Theme Compass VO Themes

Of course, there were a lot more apps which came out in 2011, but our list of apps consists exclusively of apps that we covered during the year. Most of these apps are for Mango, and free, however, some are pre-Mango as well. With the Marketplace reaching the 50,000 apps mark, we are hopeful that this year too will see plenty of amazing additions to the Windows Phone app store.

If you didn’t find your favorite app of the year in the list, do tell us about it in the comment section below.

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