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Battery Doctor Is Arguably The Most Comprehensive Free Android Battery Monitor

With battery being one of the integral and attention-demanding components of an Android device, it comes as no surprise that there are so many different apps in the Play Store that aim to address various issues related to the juice you can extract out of your device without charging it. While apps like Trend Micro’s Longevity Battery Saver, Cosmos and all the different Android system optimizers help users with getting the maximum life out of their batteries, tools like Battery Compare allow you to benchmark your device’s battery life in comparison with other Android devices. While none of the available options can be deemed as bee’s knees, there are certain apps that actually come very close to being out-and-out awesome and functional. One such app is the recently-released Battery Doctor that not only happens to be aesthetically rich, but is also equipped with some of the sought-after battery enhancement and analytics tools. Battery Doctor is among those few apps that can list out estimated battery timing for more than a dozen different types of activities (media playback, internet usage, gaming and camera etc). Using the app, you can also keep an eye on the total standby time available under current, as well as user-specified profile settings. Plus, it lets you toggle system features to prolong the battery timing substantially, monitor day-to-day battery usage via graphs, check real-time battery consumption stats by individual apps/tasks, get useful & viable battery life enhancement tips, maintain monthly charging records, and feast your eyes with a visually attractive Battery Doctor lockscreen and overall app graphics.

Battery-Doctor-Android-Saver Battery-Doctor-Android-Lockscreen

To continue with the app’s long list of features, it installs a nifty widget within your Android’s notification panel to keep you apprised of the current battery level and the estimated standby/charging completion time. The app’s solitary widget, the Quick Switch widget, presents you with a compact system toggles widget, so that you may instantly trigger the required system features On/Off right from your homescreen. Battery Doctor can also be set to wipe your device’s memory clean each time the lockscreen is activated.

Moreover, it lets you specify a Memory Whitelist comprising apps that should be excluded from the wiping process. The app can trigger an alarm/sound alert for user-specified low battery levels, upon charger connect, as well as once charging is complete. Provided the number of features that Battery Doctor supports once it’s running, it is only fitting to have the auto-start option at your disposal.

Battery-Doctor-Android-Settings Battery-Doctor-Android-Widgets

The overall UI of the app is sleek, loaded with plenty of options and rich visuals. To help our readers get a good grip on the app’s various features, we’ve decided to analyze Battery Doctor with respect to its various main tabs.


Based on current dis/charging status, this is where you can keep an eye on the remaining standby time or the estimated charging time, respectively. Tapping the battery icon displays detailed battery info, as well as hourly consumption (for three consecutive days), whereas tapping the battery duration counter lists predicted battery timing for various activities.

Battery-Doctor-Android-Details-Graph Battery-Doctor-Android-ETA

The bottom half of the Saver screen displays various system toggles, as well as the estimated extended timing that can be availed by disabling each.


Battery-Doctor-Android-Charge1 Battery-Doctor-Android-Charge2

Provided the device is currently in charging mode, this tab displays the estimated charging duration and the current stage of charging (Quick, Continuous or Trickle). If otherwise, it keeps you informed about the remaining battery time, your battery charging habit & rating, and some useful tips about ideal times for charging. Once charging starts, you can manually activate the Battery Doctor lockscreen from this tab by swiping the icon in the top-right of the screen towards the left. Tapping the calendar icon at the top displays a calendar, complete with details about your daily charging habits, the type of charging (Full Circle, Normal or Over Charge), and durations of all the various charging sessions. Tip: to wipe logged content, tap Menu > Delete Records.


As its name suggests, this particular tab lists out your Android’s tasks and apps by their respective power consumption rank. All you can do from here is refresh the list manually, and head over to the required task’s/app’s settings screen.

Battery-Doctor-Android-Consume Battery-Doctor-Android-Calendar


Apart from helping you with navigating to the main settings screen, the Tools tab offers you the Maintenance tab, tapping which reveals some very informative battery maintenance/power-saving tips and tricks.

Battery-Doctor-Android-Tips1 Battery-Doctor-Android-Tips2 Battery-Doctor-Android-Tips3

To wrap it up, it goes without saying that Battery Doctor is unarguably a fine battery monitoring and power-saving tool for Android that impresses with its overall UI, features list and helpful content.

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  2. how is it better than Battery Mix ? Battery Mix shows me a graph of apps that consume more power (processor) cycles over a day , which helps me find power leaks

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