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10 Best Web Browsers For Android

Smartphones have become much more than just communication devices, and it’s years since they’ve been viewed just as that. In addition to playing the role of a capable media player, portable gaming device and personal information manager, your smartphone is probably your choice for all sorts of casual web browsing as well. In fact, when late Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone back in 2007, he touted internet browsing as one of the primary features of the new device. The trend continues to date, and I regularly find myself browsing some of my favorite websites on my phone the first thing when I wake up in the morning, before I’d even think of turning on my computer. In this arena, Android holds a distinctive advantage over iOS, owing to its open-source nature and larger variety of capable choices when it comes to picking your preferred web browser. Google Play Store is riddled with these, making the choice a tough one, so we decided to put together a list of some of our favorite web browsers for Android, along with the good and bad for each of them.


Chrome for Android

The first in this list is pretty much a no-brainer: Google’s own Chrome for Android. The browser has come a long way to claim a spot among the best, and for good measure. It offers seamless synchronization with your desktop Chrome, getting everything from your browsing history and bookmarks to open tabs in the comfort of your mobile device. The browser itself goes through regular updates, and offers fixes and enhancements quite frequently.

Chrome for Android (1) Chrome for Android (2)

The good

  • Branded by Google – generally indicates quality and perfection
  • Omnibar for search & URL input
  • Excellent tab handling with accelerated page loading
  • Intuitive gesture support for navigation and browsing through open tabs
  • Private browsing via incognito tabs
  • Seamless sync across Desktop and Android via your Google account

The bad

  • One of the least resource-friendly browsers
  • Slow performance on older devices
  • Accessing certain features is rather difficult, as they’re buried deep within settings
  • Lack of native support for Flash video playback

Google Chrome

Dolphin Browser

One of the most popular browsers out there with very active development and support, Dolphin takes the top place in a lot of opinions, and it does have certain advantages that play out in its favor. For an in-depth look, check out our review of the latest major update of Dolphin Browser as of this writing.

Dolphin_Android Speed-Dial History

The good

  • A refreshingly flat UI
  • Intuitive navigation controls
  • Speed dial providing quick access to web apps and bookmarks
  • Web store with dedicated “apps” for popular social portals
  • Add-on support allows enhancing the browser’s usefulness and functionality
  • Content sync with desktop
  • High level of customization using themes and wallpapers

The bad

  • Steeper-than-usual learning curve
  • Not the best HTML5 support
  • Can pull a lot of spam onto your device

Dolphin Browser

Opera Browser for Android

We are talking about the Opera browser and not Opera mini here, which shed off its beta tag a while back. The browser borrows all the niceties from its desktop counterpart, and then adds some to the mix.

Opera for Android (1) Opera for Android (2)

The good

  • Very snappy page load times – probably the fastest of all we’ve tested
  • Speed dial feature for quick access
  • Private browsing
  • Off-Road mode – compresses incoming traffic to reduce data costs and load times
  • Content sync across Desktop & Mobile
  • Popup blocker
  • Capable download manager

The bad

  • Doesn’t offer as many features as some of the other options
  • No easily accessible Forward navigation button
  • Off-Road mode not as effective as claimed

Opera Browser

Maxthon Android Web Browser

Another very capable browser with a unique and distinctive set of features and user interface, Maxthon claims speed and stability combined with the power of cloud, and all for good measure.

Maxthon Browser for Android (1) Maxthon Browser for Android (2)

The good

  • Easiest navigation controls of all the reviewed browsers
  • Fully functional user agent control
  • Background page loading
  • Automatic caching of next page for faster browsing experience
  • Most intuitive search/URL bar combination
  • Cloud sync with download support (using Maxthon free storage)
  • Private browsing
  • Personalization through add-ons and themes
  • Text reflow to adjust display for screen size

The bad

  • Slower page load times in comparison to others
  • Gesture support is tricky to use
  • Really poor full-screen browsing

Maxthon Android Web Browser

Mercury Browser

It’s the browser that became famous on iOS and finally landed on Android. Of all the players in this comparison, Mercury is the newest to grace Android with its presence, and hence, had a lot of competition to begin with. Still, it’s gaining popularity by the minute, and rightly so.

Mercury-Browser-09 Mercury-Browser-24

The good

  • Plugin Support for feature enhancement and ad-blocking
  • Fully functional user agent controls
  • Passcode protection for additional privacy
  • More search engines supported than any other browser
  • Gesture-based controls for intuitive navigation
  • Day/Night modes
  • Import /Export bookmarks to other apps

The bad

  • Compatibility issues with some new Android devices
  • Rather poor HTML5 rendering
  • Messes up the device brightness from time to time

Mercury Browser

Boat Browser

This here is one browser that I personally don’t feel very strongly about, but it’s still amongst one of the most popular among Android users. Boat Browser appears to borrow heavily from a variety of others, but doesn’t really put anything out of its own that would make me want to switch to it.

Boat Browser (1) Boat Browser (2)

The good

  • Extensive customization support that even extends to the sidebar layout and options
  • Theming and personalization support
  • Add-on support for feature enhancement
  • Cloud sync for content and bookmarks (partially free)
  • Speed dials for quicker navigation

The bad

  • Ad-supported for free users
  • Nothing exceptionally different or new
  • Questionable Flash performance
  • Does not have a rendering engine of its own

Boat Browser

Next Browser

Next Browser comes from the famous GO Launcher Dev Team, whose apps are known for their extensive set of features. Apart from a refreshing interface, plugins support, tabbed browsing like the old Mobile Safari and gesture support for tab switching, the browser has its own content discovery feature just like Dolphin. It’s called the ‘Next View’ and apart from serving as an RSS feed reader, it lets you save articles for offline reading. It doesn’t really have anything unique to offer; it is essentially an amalgam of most of the best features from Dolphin Browser, the old Mobile Safari and Chrome for Android.

Next Browser_Speed Dial Next Browser_Next View

The good

  • Bookmark syncing with Google Chrome via an extension
  • Built-in content discovery & RSS reader
  • Offline reading support
  • Gesture support for switching between tabs
  • Home page with text & voice search, speed dial and shortcut to bookmarks
  • Incognito tabs support
  • Extensions support
  • Night Mode to lessen eye strain in darker environments

The bad

  • Not much original to offer
  • Lack of Flash video playback support

Next Browser

Lightning Browser

At 147 KB, Lightning Browser is one of the lightest and fastest Android web browsers around. It is open-source, uses the stock browser’s rendering and JavaScript engine and has a tabbed interface that resembles the desktop variant of Google Chrome. While its minuscule size and impressive speed is what makes it popular, it has quite a respectable set of basic and advanced features as well. A great choice for users who would prefer a fast, efficient mobile browser over one with loads of extra features, plugins, themes and cross-platform syncing.

Lightning-Browser-for-Android-1 Lightning-Browser-for-Android-settings

The good

  • Light and super-fast
  • Shares history with stock browser
  • Private browsing through Incognito tabs
  • Flash support
  • Swipe gestures (from left edge to go back; from right edge to go forward)
  • Restores last closed tab when new tab button is long-pressed
  • Full-screen support
  • Search engine choices
  • Advanced options (saving passwords, clearing cache on exit, restoring tabs and more)

The bad

  • Maximum of 5 tabs allowed in free version
  • Does not have its own rendering engine
  • A slightly bland interface

Lightning Browser

Floating Browser

This one is really different from all other candidates in this comparison. You see, while most of the others are generally suited to both smartphones and tablets, you’ll find the maximum utility for Floating Browser on the larger screen or a tablet or phablet rather than a phone. The browser offers multiple floating windows that you can place anywhere on your device, atop other running apps, and have a unique browsing experience while continuing to do whatever else you were doing.

Floating Browser for Android (1) Floating Browser for Android (2)

The good

  • Unique floating windows allow browsing simultaneously with other activities
  • Resizable and re-positionable windows
  • Each browser window contains its own set of tabs
  • Clipboard monitoring for internet-specific content
  • Flash support

The bad

  • Limited features in free version
  • Not the best browsing experience even by a long shot
  • A rather plain UI that lacks the polish of other popular browsers

Floating Browser

Stock Android Browser

Last but not the least, let’s not forget the stock browser that ships with Android. I like it personally for its fast page loading times, low resource consumption and overall solid browsing experience. Thanks to a webkit-based rendering engine, the stock browser gives an almost similar experience as Chrome, sans the content sync, and certainly runs much better than Chrome on older Android devices.

Stock Android Browser (1) Stock Android Browser (2)

The good

  • Excellent HTML5 rendering
  • Lightweight and resource friendly
  • User Agent control
  • Supports offline reading/caching
  • Bandwidth management features
  • Full support for Google Sign-In
  • Inter-app compatibility

The bad

  • Barebones and minimalistic features
  • Unintuitive navigation controls

There’s no download link for this one; it’s already pre-loaded on your Android smartphone or tablet!

To sum up our roundup, the following table provides a comparison for all 8 browsers based on certain parameters that matter the most for mobile browsing.

    * Feature is partially available (for free)
** Scores represent my personal experience on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the best.
*** Inter-app compatibility represents the browser’s ability to handle certain links in other stock Android apps, such as Maps etc.

Want to add something that we missed? Agree or disagree with our candidates? Drop us a comment below.

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  • Ron Blaisdell

    Really? A whole article and not even one mention of Firefox for Android?

    • Aatif Khan

      It’s a matter of personal opinion. I used Firefox for Android for quite a while and found it to be the worst browser from the lot.

      • This. Firefox is pretty awful on both Android devices and Windows.

        • meow

          If Firefox is awful, then all other browsers would be just bunch of craps.

          • Well, it is awful, and even IE11 is better than Fireshit nowadays.

            • NoReligion

              Couldn’t be farther then the truth, but very “witty” name, Fireshit xD.

            • Mgolfers

              Have not had time for android browsers that’s why checking evals. But as far as IE11 even though they try to buy off the market I can browse download almost everything faster by up to 6 times the speed with Firefox. No mention about Puf in the results as well.

          • Dlgltal Kungfoo

            There are much better choices out there than Firefox.

    • fanoultimate

      Firefox for Android is pretty bad to be fair. The amount of resources that thing eats is outrageous.

      As about my personal list, Boat browser, UC browser, Opera and stock browser are the best. For some reason, Chrome in Android is so bad it’s laughable, and the rest of browsers are okay, but need to be polished.

  • s h a r o n

    UC Browser???

    • Mohammad Ovais

      Yeah, UC browser should be there. It’s fast, has an easy user interface, supports bookmarks syncing and add-ons, has incognito browsing, themes, speed mode etc. It even has offline download function which is unique.

  • chris miraillet

    what about next browser ? it’s a cool one !

    • Thanks for the reminder! We might add Next to the list.

  • Rui Costa

    and “Easy Browser”!

  • DutchPete

    What about Puffin? Speed is the best there is, and features are good too, incl. privacy.

  • Marian C.

    Agree with “Off-Road mode not as effective as claimed” about Opera. Tested. Disabling Off-Road Mode speeds up page loading (!?). Pretty confusing…

  • glen

    I’ve tried way too many browsers & Opera mini is by far the best…lightweight & fast

    • Vadlapudi V Brahmaji

      It doesnt support active scripting, just appears, its the worst for smart phones but best for small mobile with java heap limit.

      Uc browser seems the best in all ways,

  • fiduim

    what about naked browser

  • 4.2 stock browser fast and best

  • o_ck

    Habit Browser!

  • tjkv

    Stock browser does sync bookmarks from your Google account, not sure why you have given it a “No” under content syncing.

  • Sun

    Sleipnir for Android?

  • Ffuser

    Lol at excluding Firefox. It is getting better every version. Last time it would always crash but know I’ve replaced Dolphin with this.

    • Better? More like worse. It’s gotten slower for me.

  • arcanine

    Lightening browser for android is the quickest I’ve come across so far

  • Nico

    Lame article …

  • MrNothingPersonal

    Naked Browser Pro / NB Pro, best of the best…

  • Mad Tom Vane

    Lightning Browser!!!

  • Neomal Abeyratne

    Well I use Next Browser from the Go Devs. It’s pretty good.

    • Mirke


  • edgar

    why didn’t you include the next browser? you should have a check on it..

  • PaulT

    I think that Flash support should be one of your check boxes at the end, and should be mentioned explicitly for each browser. PT

  • LT

    Naked Broweser + Opera Mini works well for me.

  • Jeer

    UC Browser

  • Ergys

    Since the header states the “Best” not the best lightweight browsers, then Firefox definitely deserves a place, sure it was quite shitty in the beginning, to be honest it was completely awful, but i installed recently on 512Mb ram smartphone and it is quite good, especially with the Flash plugin support and Phony plugin, Adblock, the self destructive cookies plugin etc. it deserves more credit.

  • DforDesign

    AOSP Browser Quick Controls ROX, but it has graphical issues on 4.3/4.4. I wish some dev could fix that.

  • The_Mick

    Since there are programs that run movies, etc. through the browser, it would be nice to know if and how to each browser can hide it’s address bart.

  • Browsers are one of the most important app for any mobile phones, although android has its own inbuilt browser but installing external browser can give user good experience in browsing.

  • Red

    I like the Firefox beta…it’s a lot faster than the standard Firefox.

  • Vasanth

    ive personally found firefox to be my favorite over chrome but i dont feel it uses any excess of resources. Its easier to use then chrome for me.

  • Dlgltal Kungfoo

    Where is puffin in the list? Also dolphin is junk. Almost as crapy as UC Browser.

  • BrokenEye

    You have a very peculiar definition of “good”. Mandatory constant sync that makes having a separate set of bookmarks for your phone impossible? Browsing by way of awkward and unintuitive gestures that constantly go off when you don’t want them to instead of intuitive and reliable buttons? Ugly and invasive speed-dial pages that can’t be gotten rid of? Cloud computing that gives a miniscule speed boost at the cost of destroying privacy? These are crippling flaws, not features.

  • Aseem

    I think UC browser should also be in the list.
    It gives ad block, fb faster and other add ons which r very useful and it gives an inbelievable speed.
    UC browser desrves the credit according to me. Isn’t it so??

    • tyrion

      Uc has limited no of tabs. Cm browser is Uc browser made better. Try it. Smooth and fast.

  • Anjali Mohal

    Nice Post, UC browser good for any mobile, It is lightweight browser and support to every mobile.

  • I have founded a new browser in Playstore called duck duck go

  • it was really great list about the android browers, thanks the information.