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Best Reddit Apps For Android

In just a short timespan, Reddit has managed to earn great respect and repute among internet users. Proclaiming itself as the “frontpage of the internet”, this Q&A and discussion-based social network lets users submit any type of content – text, URLs, images, videos et al – about which they wish to get response or answers of other users from all across the globe. You can find almost every facet of life being discussed under its relevant subforum/category, popularly known as a Subreddit. While iOS-owning Reddit addicts have an official client, iReddit, that keeps them hooked to the network on-the-go, Android users are currently out of such luck. That said, users of Google’s mobile OS are blessed with plenty of third-party Reddit clients, each with its distinct set of features and aesthetic appeal. This particular article focuses on the best Reddit clients and apps for Android.


Options are aplenty, but after whittling down the rather extensive list of unofficial Reddit clients for Android, we feel that the following candidates have the potential of being (or already might be) your trusted Reddit companion on mobile.

1. BaconReader

When we first caught sight of BaconReader in April last year, it already emerged out as one of the best-looking and most complete Reddit clients available to Android users. By the time the app was officially released under the banner of OneLouder Apps, BaconReader stamped its authority over its existing counterparts as being the most feature-packed Reddit client. Offering the most intuitive and thorough Reedit experience on Android, BaconReader brings all the handy tools to the table, including custom link, text and photo submission, complete inbox access, color-coded comments thread, extensive Subreddits management and subscription, multi-sized customizable homescreen widgets, day/night reading mode, option to create a domain and/or keyword blacklist to filter posts accordingly, real-time notifications, Karma points table, and a fully customizable homepage. BaconReader is perhaps the only renowned Reddit client out there that lets you directly submit photos from your device’s gallery.


As this list progresses, you might stumble upon some better-looking alternatives, but you might not be getting several features that BaconReader has on offer. Both the free and the $1.99 premium version of BaconReader share more or less the same set of features, with the only difference being that the latter (paid one) is free of any distracting ads.

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Download BaconReader (Free)

Download BaconReader Premium (Paid)

2. Reddit Sync

Grabbing the odd chance of getting a bit partial, I‘d love to express my love for Reddit Sync which, according to me, is the best-looking Reddit client currently available in the Google Play Store. The most recent of the entire lot, and perhaps among the few ones dipped completely in the ICS flavors, Reddit Sync is a rare example of an Android Reddit client bringing offline access support to the table. Not only does it let you select anywhere from 5 to 20 pages of the selected Subreddit that you wish to sync, but also presents the option to sync relevant comments. Like most clients, Reddit Sync, too, has a dedicated browser, easy Subreddit lookup, management and subscription, GIF viewer, inbox support, threaded comments, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content filter, favorite content sharing, dark/light reading mode, karma points, and content sorting. The option to pick from as many as 5 different color schemes, preview embedded content inline, view images in full-screen, tablet-optimization, support for editing & deleting comments, Best Of Reddit posts, and set the initial count for comments per post are among the few other handy aspects of Reddit Sync.


Being relatively new to the scene, the app is currently lacking a few key features, like custom link/text submission (Update: custom post submitting feature is now added) and homescreen widgets etc. Despite the missing bits, Reddit Sync is already among the most popular apps belonging to its genre, and the chances are bright that it’ll soon emerge as one of the most complete ones, too. Should you opt to shed a meagre $2.40 for the Reddit Sync Pro variant, you’ll be able to avail several other handy features, such as weekly updates, support for multiple accounts, an ad-free interface and plenty more. The app requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

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Download Reddit Sync (Free)

Download Reddit Sync Pro (Paid)

3. Reddit News

Reddit News has the distinction of being the favorite Reddit client of many Android users, courtesy of the slew of options that it offers. Beside the conventional Reddit tools – up/down voting, content filtering, messaging, commenting, content bookmarking, custom Subreddit search and management, and NSFW content support etc – Reddit News attracts with some of its own handy features. In fact, the dedicated Reddit action bar (launch by swiping on the post title) that comes with Reddit News houses the most number of options as compared its counterparts. For instance, said bar lets you up/down vote, bookmark, hide, comment on the post or directly jump to its corresponding Subreddit to explore other relevant posts. The ICS theme, available in multiple color schemes, adds the much needed visual beauty, whereas the support to browse posts in full-screen expedite the navigation experience. However, the best part of the entire package remains the manner in which selected content is loaded. Once you tap a post title, you’re presented with dual progress bars: one loading the embedded content while the other catering for the comments. Drag the action bar at the bottom upwards, and you’re on to the comments screen that doubles the number of available toolbars.


All available features come for free, and if you don’t fancy those notorious ads on screen, shedding $1.98 for the paid variant will do nicely. Reddit News requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download Reddit News Free

Download Reddit News (Paid)

4. Reddionic

Arguably the simplest looking Reddit browser on this list, Reddionic has its fair share of fans and critics alike. Despite missing out on a couple of key features, Reddionic has to be praised for the rather huge user base that it has managed to amass in a brief time period. Not only is the app dubbed as one of the most stable ones from its genre, but is also known to handle images better than most. Vital improvements in the layout and functionality at frequent intervals indicate towards the steady progress that Reddionic has been showing. As it currently stands out, an eye-soothing ICS-style Holo theme, complete inbox access, extensive management of starred/bookmarked posts, threaded comments, built-in content browser, option to save comments, quick access to some of the most popular Subreddits, and a handful of elementary Reddit tools help making Reddionic a handy contender in its own regard. Rest assured that the app’s list of promised features includes almost all the sought-after goodies, and it’s just a matter of time before Reddionic will be available as a full-fledge Reddit reader for Android.


All of that is available absolutely free of cost, however, should you feel like supporting the developer with the cause, picking the $1.99 Donation version of Reddionic can certainly lend a helping hand.

Download Reddionic (Free)

Download Reddionic Donate (Paid)

5. Reddit Is Fun

Already a million downloads and still counting! Barring BaconReader, Reddit Is Fun is the only app featured in this particular list that sports a (customizable) homescreen widget. There are so many other good things about the app, but the biggest aspect that parts Reddit Is Fun from its competitors is its UI that resembles the Reddit website itself. Right from the way it lets you cast your votes to its method of displaying comments, the app keeps you as close to the ‘real thing’ as possible. The app’s Subreddit management mechanism is quite unique, too, since it presents you with separate toggles for your favorite topics, and lets you take control of things in a sophisticated manner.


Like most of the apps appearing on this list, Reddit Is Fun also sports the Holo theme, lets you choose between the dark and light reading mode, supports simple content filtering, pagination, commenting and messaging, has a smart Subreddit search system, can pre-fetch images and supports a host of common Reddit tools. Like BaconReader, this app also offers extensive customization, and lets users submit their own links under preferred Subreddits. Of all other aforementioned candidates, Reddit Is Fun is the only one that has been optimized for tablets (with a dual pane interface), but that luxury, along with the ad-free app interface, is available only with the $1.99 Pro version.

Download Reddit Is Fun (Free)

Download Reddit Is Fun Golden Platinum (Paid)

6. Reddita

Oddly enough, Reddita appears to be the lone candidate on the list of Reddit apps that are exclusively optimized for Android tablets. However, the impressive aspect of the app is its comprehensiveness that doesn’t let tablet owners feel short of a quality Reddit client for their large screen devices. Apart from the dual pane interface, Reddita features all the core Reddit goodies, including post/comment voting and bookmarking, inbox support, favorite Subreddit selection, pagination, smart sharing, profile and feed management, full-screen browsing, sidebar info, control over NSFW content, customizable notifications, thumbnail caching, custom link/text submission, built-in content browser and plenty more. The app lets you adjust font size for comments, open YouTube video links via the official Android client, supports in-app browser plugins. Keeping all said features in mind, and sweeping the minor odd glitches aside, Reddita can be cited as the app that easily offers the best Reddit experiences on Android tablets.


In fact, if you’re a tablet owner, going for an alternative other than Reddita will be a bit unfair to the app, for it presents you with almost every tool that an avid Redditor must have in their armory. Distracted by the ads appearing on the free version of the app? Why not go for the Pro variant and kill these ads for just $1.54. Reddita requires Android v3.0 (Honeycomb) or higher to run.

Download Reddita (Free)

Download Reddita Ad-Free (Paid)

7. Pix-o-Reddit

No social network these days is complete without the image sharing feature, and Reddit is simply no exception in this regard. In fact, there are numerous Reddit fans out there who access the network just to get their daily dose of memes or other visual content that is shared on the website. If you’re among such users, Pix-O-Reddit is for you! Allowing Reddit users to dive deep into the sea of shared photo content, Pix-O-Reddit is all about exploring images and interacting with them in the same way as you’d do with the posts. If there’s a Subreddit based around pictures, you’ll find it here. The app’s homescreen can be customized to house only the user-specified photo-based Subreddits. Under each selected Subreddit, you’re presented with a horizontally scrollable thumbnail view of snaps, each displaying the relevant title and source of image, and the number of up/down votes and comments that it has received.


Each image can be viewed in full-screen, downloaded directly to the device, set as the wallpaper, commented on, shared further and/or voted accordingly, all right from within the image viewer interface. Swiping sideways lets you switch between photos, and you have the choice of setting the preferred image quality of downloaded content.

What are those ads doing on your screen, and that, too, in a photo browsing app! You can get rid of these ads for $1.87 through in-app purchasing.

Download Pix-O-Reddit for Android

8. Reddit ET

If  you think that all the various names mentioned above encompass the core Reddit features, leaving no other candidate to enter the frame with its own set of features, you might be wrong! Relatively fresh to the market, Reddit ET is yet another fully Holo-themed unofficial Reddit app for Android that stands head and shoulders above its counterparts for its own set of goodies. Apart from featuring most of the fancied Reddit features, the app comes across as a rare solution to easily view unsubscribed to Subreddits on Android, and boasts a rather extensive pool of options to select your favorite Subreddits from. In addition, it lets you view your friends’ posts, supports experiencing the world of Reddit on Andorid in full-screen mode, and sports a highly interactive Canvas Mode to allow users dig deep into their world of Reddit via gesture-based navigation and easy-to-use on-screen controls to interact with the post accordingly. That’s not all; Reddit ET sports arguably the best homescreen widget that lets you sneak peek into virtually any Subreddit of choice, complete with manual refreshing, comment count, navigation controls, thumbnail view and brief post details.


Read our thorough review of Reddit ET for Android

Download Reddit ET Free For Android

Download Reddit ET Pro For Android (Paid)


So there you have it. Arguably the best and most feature-packed Reddit apps for Android that you’ll find. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous other upcoming candidates that vow to impress with their own set of features; however, as it currently stands out, most of these alternatives present a case of blow-hot-blow-cold affair. Therefore, we decided to leave them out for now, but don’t be surprised if this list gets some new promising names in the future, so keep checking. Did we miss out on some better candidate? Which one is the most promising? Which of the above is your favorite one? Which one do you intend to try out? Keep us informed about thoughts, feedbacks and suggestions in the comments section below. For now, it’s happy Reddting on your Android!


  1. Reddit is fun also supports tablets in the paid app and works better than reddita IMO (reddita started failing when ICS came out, and it took them too long to recover)

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